Daydreaming Leads to Oakland Park Collisions

Studies have shown that daydreaming is the number one cause of distracted driving crashes – more than cell phones or other distractions. The problem with stopping this cause of distracted driving in Oakland Park is that many motorists are not even aware when they are lost in thought. Daydreaming and wandering thoughts are so common that it can be a challenging habit to break.


Preventing Distracted Driving Related to Daydreaming

The first step to stopping daydreaming while driving is becoming aware that you are at risk. If you get to your destinations without remembering the drive or are driving and realize you can’t remember the last few seconds of driving, you may be letting your mind wander to a potentially hazardous degree. Here are a few things you can do to drive safer:

  • Drive defensively: Thinking about your next few moves actively engages your mind with driving so you’re less likely to “zone out.”
  • Check your mental and physical state before getting in the car: If you’re tired, fretting about a home or work situation, or are sick, not sober, or otherwise in no condition to drive, find a safer way to get to your destination.
  • Take new routes to work or school: Taking the same routes encourages you to drive on autopilot. Consider switching up your routines or even trying carpooling.
  • Include meditation into your daily routine: When you’re not driving or doing anything requiring concentration, try meditation. There is some evidence suggesting it can help focus.
  • Check in as you drive: Frequently during your drive, evaluate whether you are placing your focus on driving. If you’re allowing your mind to wander, gently bring it back to focus on driving.
  • Break up long drives: Your mind may be more likely to wander if you’re on long drives, especially on highways. Take frequent stops to refuel, rest, and give your mind a break so you can focus on driving when you get back to it.
  • Get help if daydreaming is affecting your life: If you find yourself frequently distracted or having a hard time focusing, you may be at risk not only of car accidents but also workplace accidents in Oakland Park and other injuries. If you’re having a hard time concentrating and avoiding distraction, talk to your doctor. It may be a sign of anxiety, depression, or another condition which requires attention.

Have You Been Injured by a Distracted Driver in Oakland Park?

It can be difficult to prove that a driver was daydreaming when they caused a collision that has injured you, but an experienced attorney will know how to prove distracted or negligent driving. For example, accident reconstruction experts, witnesses, or nearby security camera footage can all be used to establish whether a driver made preventable errors, failed to notice signs or dangers on the road, or otherwise showed evidence of distraction.

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