Should You Deal with Insurance Companies Yourself?

Insurance companies may tell you that their insurance process is simple and easy. There are books out there that claim to tell you how you can file your own claim without going through an attorney. This has created a lot of confusion among plaintiffs, and left many to wonder whether they need legal advice or a Florida or Hollywood injury lawyer after a serious injury.

The simple answer is “yes.”


Let’s consider the claim that the insurance process is easy. Some books and websites will tell you that you that the insurance claims process “can be” easy in some cases. Insurance adjusters may promise that you only need to provide a few details and sign on the dotted line. Behind that so-called easy process, however, is a lot of complicated legal and financial information. In the interest of keeping your claims process simple, an insurance company may not go through all your options or rights or may not tell you how much other people have paid for injuries just like yours. This means that you may not be getting all the information needed to make an educated choice about whether an insurance offer is reasonable or not.

There’s another problem, too: how do you know whether your process or claim is a simple one or a complex one that requires an attorney? Some books and articles claim that if you have a simple claim, you can do it yourself. But how can you be sure that your process is simple? Even so-called simple claims can quickly become complicated if a truck driver accuses you of causing an accident or an insurance provider tries to claim that some of your costs are not covered by insurance. What can you do then?

The biggest problem of all is that a simple claims process can result in a fast turnaround time. You may get insurance money right away. That seems like a great idea, but the problem is that you may get insurance money before doctors have even correctly diagnosed your injury. What will you do if your injury turns out to be more serious than you thought and your insurance money runs out before you pay for all of your hospital bills and before you’re able to return to work?

If your insurance money runs out after you’ve accepted insurance or settlement money, you may find that you have no options for seeking further compensation. At that point, you may face financial distress. You may have to take out loans, return to work before you’re ready, or try to cut back on your medical expenses, even on services that you may need. This is not the life that you deserve if you have been injured through no fault of your own.

That’s why you deserve legal advice about your situation. You can be sure that the insurance company and other parties involved are getting lots of legal representation and legal advice from qualified professionals. You deserve at least the same. A Hollywood personal injury attorney can review your situation and the facts of your case to help you understand how complex or simple you case really is. They can help you understand how much your case may be worth and what options you have for seeking the fairest compensation possible so that your benefits will cover all of the services and medical care you need to recover as fully as you can.

Painting your garage may be a do-it-yourself project, but legal situations rarely are. If you have been injured in a trucking collision or any sort of roadway collision, give yourself the gift of legal advice. Speak to a personal injury at Flaxman Law Group today in a free accident consultation to review the facts of your case and to discuss your rights to compensation.


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