Dealing with and Preventing Road Rage Accidents in Hialeah and Other Florida Communities

Road rage incidents and aggressive driving can lead to car accidents on Hialeah and Florida roads. What is really frustrating for those who have been injured in these types of accidents is that road rage is often quite preventable. Someone who is angry behind the wheel is operating a potentially deadly piece of heavy equipment when they are not qualified to do so.


We all have moments when we are angry or upset. There are still things we can do to prevent road rage and aggressive driving:

1) Avoid using your horn too much.

Even if someone cuts you off or acts aggressively, avoid making the situation worse by honking aggressively. It’s unlikely to help and could make the other driver even more aggressive.

2) Only drive in the passing lane to pass.

One of the biggest causes of frustration on busy roads is traffic, and congestion is made worse when someone drifts in the passing lane, preventing others from passing. Only enter the passing lane when you are ready to pass and complete you pass safely and promptly rather than driving along that lane.

3) Be polite on the roads.

Yield to those who have right of way, make eye contact with other drivers, and generally be courteous. Sometimes, a little politeness can help defuse a difficult situation. Use signals to let others know when you are passing, changing lanes, or turning. Do not use high beams unless they are necessary and be sure to switch them off when you see approaching traffic. Give other drivers enough room so that you are not tailgating or cutting motorists off. When parking, do not park in spaces designed for the disabled if you do not have the authorization to do so. Do not take up two parking spots or reserved parking spots.

4) Avoid driving when you are tired, stressed, grumpy, or angry.

When you are fatigued or upset in any way, you are vulnerable. Congestion or other drivers can make your situation worse and can lead to road rage. Driving when you are upset is also essentially driving distracted. When something goes wrong, you may want to hop in your car and drive away from it all, but when you are stewing about the problem you are not paying attention to the road and that could lead to a crash.

5) If someone around you is driving aggressively, take a deep breath and avoid responding in kind.

Even if you are angry, avoid gesturing or shouting. The aggressive gestures can easily escalate the situation and can lead to a road rage incident and violence. The best option is to continue driving safely, even if the other driver is trying to engage you in conflict. If you are upset or shaken, pull over once the motorist drives away. If you feel threatened, stay as calm as possible and drive to a safe location – such as a police station.

6) Consider speaking to your doctor if you notice that your stress levels are high or if you frequently feel angry.

Your doctor can recommend ways for you to manage your temper, which can help not only on the road but in the rest of your life as well.

If you have been injured by a dangerous or aggressive driver, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group want to hear about it. Negligent drivers can be held accountable for their actions and you may qualify for compensation. To find out more, contact our law firm for a free case evaluation.

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