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Do Some Adults Need Booster Seats to Avoid Car Accidents in Hollywood and Florida?

Cars are designed for adults of all sizes to drive, but there’s no denying that very tall and short drivers alike face challenges when it comes to driving. Tall drivers may feel cramped in a car or may have a hard time having enough clearance to drive properly. For shorter drivers, the danger may come down to visibility and being able to see correctly in a low seat. In addition, air bags and even seat belts can pose a danger for shorter drivers in the event of a traffic collision in Hollywood or their communities. In some cases, these safety devices can even cause serious injury.


If you are below average height, you will want to use these tips to drive safe:

  • Choose the most adjustable car you can. If you are purchasing a new car, look for a car with good ratings for shorter drivers and look for a vehicle which can adjust easily. At the dealership, try out the car and ask about any optional features which can help you drive comfortably and safely.
  • Make sure you have comfortable reach of the pedals and to ensue good visibility. You need to be able to see over the hood to judge distances and you need to be able to reach the pedals comfortably so your feet don’t slip. For newer models, you can adjust both the seat and the steering wheel to get the right height for you. For older models of cars, padding may be needed on the seat to give you the right height.
  • Tilt and telescope the steering wheel to get a good grip. You need at least 10 inches between the driver’s chest and the wheel to make the airbag safe. If you adjust height to see better, you may be too close to the steering wheel and in the event of a collision, the airbag can crush your chest and cause serious or even life-threatening injuries to your face and abdomen. Make sure the steering wheel is adjusted so you have control over the wheel and can drive safely.
  • Adjust the seatbelt. If it cuts into your neck, adjust the seatbelt according to your owner’s manual or buy a seatbelt adjuster. If the seatbelt does not fit correctly, it can cut into your neck in the event of an accident or it can even fail to keep you from flying outside the car.
  • Adjust the headrest. The headrest can help prevent whiplash in the event of an accident but for shorter drivers the headrest may be in an awkward spot which actually causes injuries. You may need to remove the headrest or take the car in for adjustments to ensure you get the right support.
  • Extend the visor or use sunglasses or a visor to maintain good visibility. Glare can be a problem if the visor is too high for your eyes. If you cannot find extenders, use sunglasses or a visor on your hat to block out the sun so you can see the road in front of you.

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