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Do You Have a New Year’s Plan in Place to Prevent Miami Drunk Driving Accidents?

No one wants to start 2012 in the hospital or in jail, but New Year’s Eve is in fact one of the most dangerous nights of the year for Miami car accidents. Many New Year’s Eve celebrations do involve alcohol, and this can lead to Miami drunk driving accidents. In fact, each year some motorists are pulled off the roads for DUI or are involved in DUI accidents in Miami. To avoid becoming a statistic, make sure that you:

1) Have several get-home plans available. With lots of revelers out on New Year’s Eve, you will want to have several options. Do not just rely on public transport or a designated driver – what if your designated driver does drink or what if you stay out too late for the bus? Write down a list of friends and taxi services you can call, places you can sleep for the night, and other options for getting home safely.

2) Do not assume that you will not drink. Even if you attend an alcohol-free event, you may eventually end up drinking. The tradition of drinking on New Year’s Eve is well ingrained. Have several plans to get home safely – just in case. This way, you can even help friends who need to get home safely.

3) Do not count on getting a cab home. New Year`s Eve is one of the busiest nights of the year for taxi cab companies. You may simply not be able to get a cab home right away. Be willing to share a cab and stay flexible in your get-home-safe plans.

4) Plan for an after-New Year event. Keep a list of 24-hour and late-night eateries in your wallet. Getting a snack after the count down gives taxi cabs a chance to return from their first fares, increasing the odds that you can get a taxi home.

5) Consider attending an alcohol-free event. You will be less tempted to drink. However, still plan out a get-home-safe strategy, just in case.

6) Consider hosting an event at your home. If you are at home, you will not need to drive anywhere, so you can ring in the New Year and not worry about driving. This can also be safer, since it keeps you away from other motorists who may choose to drink and drive. If you host your own New Year`s party, however, keep in mind that you need to keep your guests safe. If your guests drink, consider letting them sleep over or make sure that they can get home safely.

7) Consider leaving your car at home on New Year`s Eve. This guarantees that you will not be tempted to drive back home after drinking. You will also not need to worry about traffic, parking, or picking up your car the next day. Miami has several transportation options for revelers for New Year`s Eve – choose the one that is best for you and you just might end up preventing a Miami traffic accident.

If you are injured in a Miami drunk driving accident, Florida law allows you to seek recovery for damages from the reckless and impaired driver. Consult with the Flaxman Law Group at no charge to find out how much your case could be worth.