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Will Your New Year Plans Prevent or Risk a Miami Car Accident?

Many people already have plans for New Year`s. Whether you already know how you will ring in 2012 or whether you are still considering options, you need to ensure that your plans include planning for safety. Unfortunately, New Year`s Eve means a higher than normal risk of Miami traffic accidents. With more people out celebrating the start of a new year and more people drinking at parties, it can be one of the more dangerous nights to be on the road. To stay safe:

1) Have a plan for a sober ride home. Miami drunk driving accidents are an especial concern on New Year`s Eve, especially since many people ring in the New Year with their favorite drinks. Whether you plan on drinking or not, have at least a few options for getting home safely with a sober driver if you do end up drinking. Make it very easy for yourself to make the right choice – have money on hand for a taxi and have a list of people you can call for help if you do get stuck without transportation. Find out about the many options Miami has for getting home safely on New Year`s Eve.

2) Have a plan for an alert drive home. In addition to drunk driving, another risk on New Year`s Eve is fatigued driving. On this night of the year, you may end up staying out much later than you are used to, and this can make it dangerous for you to drive home. This is one reason you will want to have several options for getting home safely – even if you do not plan on drinking, you could end up simply too tired to drive home safely.

3) Have a plan for a distraction-free ride home. It can be easy to drive distracted on New Year`s Eve. There are many things happening outside the car and you may be tempted to check in with friends during the night. However, with extra traffic on the road (including pedestrian traffic) it is important to focus entirely on driving in order to prevent a Miami car accident.

4) Have a plan for traffic. Traffic can be heavily congested after the New Year countdown, and this can easily lead to frayed nerves and even road rage. Have a plan for heavy traffic. You may want to plan ahead to take a less busy route, to wait a little while before heading home, or have another plan for getting home.

5) Have a plan for a car-free night if possible. A great option is to leave your car at home if possible. Using public transport to get to and from a New Year`s Eve event is a good choice because you will not be tempted to drive after drinking – even if you can`t find a taxi. You also will not have to return to get your car and you will save yourself the hassle of parking on one of the busiest nights of the year.

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