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Does Tourist Season Mean More Miami Car Accidents?

Each summer, many tourists choose to visit Miami and the rest of Florida to enjoy the warm hospitality and the natural beauty of the region. While most visitors are careful and responsible, some residents do feel that tourist season can lead to an increase of Miami traffic accidents. One reason is because tourist season can mean more cars on the roads. Visitors to the state may bring their own cars or may rent cars, but many tourists choose cars to see more of the state. In addition, summer inevitably means more students home from school and therefore a slight increase in local traffic. Unfortunately, more cars on the road can mean more congestion, frayed tempers, and therefore Miami car accidents.

Tourist season can also mean more pedestrians and other forms of traffic sharing the roads. Many visitors choose to see Miami on foot. Cruise ship visitors, for example, do not bring their cars with them and may choose to see the city by walking. There are also shops offering tourists bicycles and motorcycles for rent. Some visitors may choose these transportation options to see more of the city, and local residents may also choose to bike and walk to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, this can also mean more types of traffic sharing the road, which can increase the risk of Miami motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents.

Tourist season means more drivers who may be unfamiliar with city streets. Some of the drivers on Miami’s streets in the summer are enjoying their first glimpse of the city. While most do everything they can to drive safely, unfamiliarity with the streets can be dangerous. Visitors may be watching for signs more carefully because they are unfamiliar with the area or may be distracted by all there is to see in Miami.

Unfortunately, tourist season coincides with road construction. This can also be a problem. When construction and road repairs coincide with an influx of drivers, the result can be even more traffic congestion as well as confusion about detours and alternate routes. The stress and congestion can easily lead to road rage, Miami pedestrian accidents, and other traffic problems.

Alcohol can make tourist season driving even more dangerous. Tourist season does coincide with many summer holidays, and many summer events and parties do include alcohol. Unfortunately, Miami drunk driving accidents are a concern all year long, but can be an especial problem during the summer, when people celebrate with a cool beer or drink. Summer’s heat can also exacerbate the effects of alcohol, making car crashes even more likely.

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