Planning a Road Trip This Summer? Here’s How to Avoid Florida Car Accidents on the Road

Summer is a great time to pack up the car and hit the road. Many Floridians are choosing road trips over more complicated air travel due to costs. A car is a great way to explore the state and regions across the US, but road trips can lead to Miami car accidents. To avoid a Florida car collision, make sure that you:

1) Plan a sober trip. Miami drunk driving accidents are still a major cause of fatalities and on a road trip it can be tempting to unwind after a long day of driving with a beer. Designate a driver or resolve to avoid drinking until you get to your destination.

2) Bring the right number of passengers. An extra passenger or two can actually help you prevent a Miami traffic accident by taking over the driving when you are tired. An extra passenger can also take over reading the directions and street signs, so that you can focus on driving rather than trying to find your destination. However, too many passengers can be a distraction. Aim for one or two passengers per car.

3) Be careful about overloading the car, especially in ways that obscure visibility. Putting too much in your car can overload the tires and make you more prone to tire blow outs. Passenger cars that are overburdened with extra weight can also handle less easily. Just as overloaded trucks are more prone to Miami truck accidents, too heavy cars can also be more at risk. Adding a trailer is not necessarily safer, either, since a trailer poses its own risks. Where possible, aim to travel light. Try to place as many items as possible in the trunk of the car, where they will not obstruct your ability to see out the windows of your car. Keeping items in your car can also prove dangerous if you are in a car accident and the items become airborne. In this situation, any items in your car can cause Miami brain injuries and other serious injuries as they become projectiles.

4) Plan to drive distraction-free. Either plan your route ahead of time or have a passenger take care of guiding you. Checking your GPS or a map while driving is dangerous. Turn off your cell phone and mobile device before you start to drive and pull over if you need to check a map.

5) Plan ahead to stop and take rests. Professional truck drivers know that fatigued driving is one of the leading causes of Miami truck accidents. Driving too long before taking a break can cause you to drift off at the wheel. Make sure that you plan your route so that there are places to stop for a coffee and a stretch. At night, check in somewhere where you can get a good night’s sleep so that you can continue on your way refreshed and safe.

6) Get your car tuned up before you go. Mechanical failure on the road can delay your trip. More seriously, losing control of your car because something goes wrong with your brakes or tires can cause a Miami pedestrian accident or traffic accident. Take care of any problems with your car before you go.

7) Get yourself prepared to drive comfortably. Driving long distances is physically taxing. Keep water and chewing gum in your car, as well as a sweater and sunglasses. Make sure that you have these items so that you can stay comfortable and focused on the road rather than distracted by your own discomfort.

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