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Don’t Wait Until 16 To Talk to Your Teen About Florida Drunk Driving Accidents

Many parents of teen drivers worry about their children and may even sit down for discussions about Florida drunk driving accidents or distracted driving. While such talks can be great, it is also important to remember that it’s best not to wait until sixteen. By the time your child is sixteen, he or she has been in and out of cars for years. It is important to start having these discussions much earlier – when your teen is a pre-teen or a child. There are many things you can do:

1) Have a list of people your teen can call. Your child or teen may not always feel comfortable talking to you or calling you if he or she wants to avoid a drunk driver. It’s a good idea, therefore, to have a list of adult friends and family they can call for a safe ride home. A list of contacts also ensures your child is safe even if they cannot reach you directly.

2) Create a agreement with other members of your family. Consider creating a formal agreement with your teens or pre-teens and with some adult friends and family. The agreement can indicate that your teen or pre-teen can call any of these adults when they need a safe ride home and they will get one – no questions asked. Have your teen add any provisions they need to feel comfortable with making that call.

3) Sign an agreement with your teen or pre-teen about driving safely. Get it in writing and get it specific so that your teen or child knows exactly what their responsibilities are. It is best to have your child help you in drafting the agreement, to ensure that they understand it completely.

4) Teach your child about pedestrian safety. Children are more likely to be in Florida pedestrian accidents because they spend less time in cars than most adults. Reviewing pedestrian safety rules regularly is important to ensure that your child knows how to be safe around cars – as well as in them.

5) Teach your child about car safety. It’s not just Florida car accidents that are a danger – there are also strangers in cars, cars backing up, and other dangers. Show your child the basics of car safety – how to get out of a car or trunk, how to approach a car, how to recognize when a car or truck is backing up. The more your child knows, the more he or she can stay safe.

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