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The Top Driving-Related Talks You Need to Have With Your Teen Today

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, but this is also a great month to talk to your teens about the other dangers of driving. It’s a great time to discuss:

1) Drinking and driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 32 people in the US die every day due to drunk driving. Don’t let your teen become one of the statistics of Florida drunk driving accidents. Have an agreement with your teen that
2) Drugs and driving. Many people think of impaired driving as drunk driving, but many drugs (including illegal drugs as well as medications and even over-the-counter products) can cause car accidents because they can cause sleepiness or impairment. Talk to your child about natural supplements, over the counter medications, and illegal drugs. Make sure your teen knows about dangers.

3) Distracted driving. Thanks to awareness campaigns, your teen likely knows about the dangers of texting or talking while driving – but does that mean they put away their mobile device when they drive? This is the month to talk about that and to ensure your teens pull over to the side of the road before making a call.

4) Passengers. Mobile devices are not the only distractions on the road. Loud passengers, loud music, and other distractions in the car can have lethal consequences. Create a list of potential distractions with your teen and then help him or her come up with solutions that address each distraction.

5) Stunts and risks. Teens sometimes think that the risks and stunts they see on TV look cool, and may not appreciate the effects of those risks. Show them photos of accidents caused by stunts and discuss the effects of such decisions.

6) Speeding. Speeding reduces your teen’s control of the car, which, combined with the relatively less experience your teen has behind the wheel, can result in a crash. Worse, higher-speed accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries and fatalities.

7) Car safety. While Florida car accidents are a major risk for your teen driver, they are not the only risk. Make sure that you discuss issues such as parking and getting to the car safely at night, car maintenance, car break downs, and more.

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