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Pets, Children, and Passengers: Florida Car Accidents and Distractions

When we think of distracted driving, most of us think of driving with a cell phone to our ear. While there is no doubt that cell phones and mobile devices lead to Florida car accidents, they are not the only cause of distractions. In fact, some of the most common distractions are far more low-tech:

1) Pets. Pets often need to be ferried to the vet, but most types of pets don’t respond well to a moving car. They can easily panic and get underfoot. Even a well-behaved dog can suddenly become unruly if it notices something interesting out of the window. The safest place for your pets in the car is in a pet carrier. This is safest for both you and your pets. With your pets safely stowed, you won’t have to be checking on your pets and you won’t have your visibility compromised by pets jumping in front of the windows.

2) Children. Children can easily be a distraction that can cause you to take your eyes off the road. Whether you are trying to tame two fighting siblings, get something away from your infant, or are checking on the source of mysterious sounds from the back seat, taking your eyes off the road for even seconds can mean a dangerous Florida pedestrian accident. Younger children should be placed in an age-appropriate child restrain, far from anything they can grab. Older children should be given some form of activity or game for the trip so that they can play quietly without being a distraction.

3) Passengers. Passengers may wish to chat and may take your mind off the road. An animated conversation in the car can also cause you naturally to take your eyes off the road to look at the speaker. You don’t have to insist on complete silence, but playing music and having passengers in charge of the play list can help keep conversation naturally to a minimum.

4) Objects. Whether it’s a purse dropping to the floor of your car or your groceries tumbling in the back seat or a CD that just doesn’t want to pop into the player, objects in your car can distract. Keep all non-essentials in the trunk and if something falls down, wait until you are pulled over to retrieve it. Today’s iPod decks let you create entire play lists for the duration of your trip, so that you never have to change the music.

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