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Drive a Motorcycle in South Florida? Your Risk of Accidents May be Higher Than you Think

New research published in the CMAJ examined 281,826 people hurt in car crashes and 26,831 individuals hurt in motorcycle crashes, concluding that motorcycle crashes resulted in three times the injuries when compared to incidents involving cars. Severe injuries were ten times more likely with motorcycle accidents than with car crashes. Motorcycle crashes also cost twice the average cost of car collisions.


Since motorcycle accidents are so dangerous, you will want to do all you can to prevent collisions:

  • Get rider training. One on one training with a professional instructor can help you learn how to go into a slide safely, how to avoid accidents and how to ride responsibly. Even a few budget friendly training sessions can go a long way towards making sure you have the tools and resources available to become the strongest motorcyclist possible.
  • Build your motorcycle skills gradually. It can be exciting to start riding a motorcycle, but expand your skills gradually. Start with familiar roads and low risk situations, such as areas with low traffic and few driving hazards. Gradually work your way up to more intensive driving situations, such as highways and curvy roads where you may encounter blind spots.
  • Always wear a helmet. If you are ever in a motorcycle accident in Hollywood or your community, a helmet can be one of the most important pieces of your gear. It cushions your head if you are thrown from the motorcycle and can help prevent life-threatening head injuries. Since you’re not wearing a seatbelt and don’t have airbags on a motorcycle, a helmet is even more important.
  • Obey the rules of the road. One of the pleasures of motorcycles is that they are so flexible. Although you can weave around traffic or squeeze into areas cars cannot fit in, this does not make this behavior safe. Obey the rules of the road just as you would when you’re driving a passenger car.
  • Obey speed limits. Speeding on a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. Even a small spill of gasoline or any ice can cause you to lose control of your bike. Small obstacles on the road which don’t pose a hazard to passenger cars can be a serious concern for motorcyclists. Driving the posted speed limit and reducing your speed for more dangerous driving situations or for bad weather help you keep control of your motorcycle.
  • Only ride when you are safe to do so. Never get on your motorcycle when you’re angry or tired, or when you’re distracted. Similarly, do not get on your motorcycle if you have been drinking or have been consuming any substance, including medication, which can affect your ability to handle your motorcycle safely. When driving, make sure you’re only doing so if you put away all distractions and are prepared to be fully focused on the road.

If you take all the right precautions but are injured due to someone’s negligence, contact a Hollywood motorcycle accident attorney today at Flaxman Law Group. You can reach us at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) to book a free consultation to help you review your options.