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Drive Safe This Autumn

Now that autumn is here in Florida, motorists need to adjust their driving. Here are a few tips to keep you driving safely all season long:


1) Be aware of visibility issues.

Rain, fog, and other weather can wreak havoc with your visibility. Make sure that your windshield wipers are in good condition and that you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid. If you do find yourself caught in heavy rains or in heavy fog, consider pulling over if conditions are too harsh. Otherwise, adjust your speed and drive more slowly and carefully. Prepare for the unexpected.

2) Make sure your tires are in good shape.

Fall can bring more showers and slippery roads. Your tires should have good treads to deal with slippery surfaces. If your tires are worn down, it’s time for placement. Make sure your tires are also correctly inflated. Overinflated or underinflated tires are vulnerable to blowouts and can also hydroplane in wet weather.

3) Don’t scrimp on sleep.

Fall can be very busy, and fatigued driving in Hollywood and South Florida is a real concern. Make sure you are getting adequate amounts of rest. If you’re getting a full night of rest but still feel sleepy during the day, visit a doctor. You may be suffering from sleep apnea or sleep disturbances caused by stress. Unfortunately, sleepiness can lead to catastrophic car accidents and even on-the-job accidents, so address fatigue as the serious problem it is.

4) Pack your sunglasses.

Slightly earlier dusk and later dawns can mean that the Florida sun surprises you. Be prepared for night driving and for daytime driving involving glare.

5) Plan ahead if you’re planning on leaving the state.

Heading north for a road trip, to visit family, or just to look at autumn leaves? Don’t forget that other states can have slippery and challenging weather at this time of year. Some parts of the country may even have light snows or frost. Check the weather before you go and make sure your tires are in good condition for the weather you’ll face. If you will be headed somewhere where snow or frost as possible, make sure you get proper winter tires.

6) Review your car insurance policy.

Make sure you have the more robust policy you can afford. If you are ever injured in a car accident or you are involved in an accident that injures someone else, your insurance policy can protect you. If you don’t already have it, get underinsured and underinsured driver coverage so you are protected if you are involved in a crash with someone who has inadequate insurance.

If you’re involved in a car accident anywhere in South Florida, contact Flaxman Law Group for free, no obligation case review. We’d be happy to sit down with you and to talk about your potential case.