Driver Assistance: Can it Prevent Car Accidents in Hollywood and Florida?

New cars and trucks have driver assistance systems (ADAs), and some experts say these systems can help cut car accidents in Hollywood and across the country. Driver assistance systems include features such as blind spot alerts, parking sensors, backup cameras, automatic braking, collision alerts, pedestrian detection, lane keeping systems, auto high beam lighting, and other features. They are designed to step in and help drivers with driving skills alone don’t work.


While much has been written about how driverless car technology may eventually stop accidents, these driver assistance systems may already be reducing collisions. In fact, studies and polls have found drivers with driver assistance systems have reported these systems have already helped them avoid crashes.

Safety Benefits

Some experts have gone as far as to call driver assistance systems among the most important safety features in modern cars. Today, they are available for some economy cars as well as in luxury cars. Some manufacturers report they are seeing fewer post-collision car repairs in their dealerships for cars with ADAs, although more research needs to be done to determine how many collisions are being prevented with the systems. One challenge with evaluating driver assistance systems is that it is difficult to count accidents which did not happen.

Should I Get a Driver Assistance System?

Nevertheless, driver assistance systems are a positive step forward, according to many experts. They may reduce accidents and keep you and your passengers safer. If you do not currently have an ADA in your vehicle, you may wonder whether you should upgrade.

If you are currently in the market for a car, upgrading to a vehicle which does have a driver assistance system may make sense, especially if it is in your budget. You may also consider adding some features, such as a backup camera, to your current vehicle to make it safer if you don’t currently need a new car.

One thing to keep in mind with driver assistance systems is that they can make car repairs more expensive. Since there are sensors in lights, grilles, and bumpers, any damages to the exterior of the vehicle may result in more expensive fixes.

You also need to consider that driver assistance systems alone will not necessarily reduce accidents. They are no substitute for safe driving habits and careful attention on the part of motorists. Drivers still need to correctly use these systems and pay attention to the data they are getting. They still need to drive sober and undistracted to stay safe on the road.

Have You Been Injured?

Whether you have a driver assistance system or not, if you have been injured in a car accident in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free accident consultation with a car accident lawyer.

If you do have an ADA, your car repairs may be more expensive and it may be important to secure the fairest compensation possible. If you do not have an ADA, you may still face considerable repair bills, medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. Let the legal team at Flaxman Law Group help you determine whether you have a case and outline the next steps you can take to protect yourself financially.

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