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Driver Rehabilitation After a Car Accident in Hollywood or Florida

Driver rehabilitation professionals in Hollywood and across Florida help people with different abilities drive a car safely. If you have suffered a serious injury after a car accident in Hollywood or your community and now face a permanent injury such as an amputation, head injury, spinal cord injury, or any injury, driver rehabilitation can help you determine how you can get safely back to driving.


Driver rehabilitation professionals are also essential in helping senior drivers drive safely, even as their physical condition changes. Senior drivers and other drivers who suffer from physical conditions such as arthritis, vision problems, and other mobility problems can work with rehabilitation professionals to find solutions to help them maintain independence.

Driver rehabilitation professionals can do many things:

1) They can evaluate driving ability.

A senior driver who has had many fender benders or near misses may need to have their driving ability reevaluated. Similarly, anyone who has suffered a serious injury, medical condition, or whose physical health may affect their driving ability can work with a rehabilitation professional to evaluate their ability to operate a vehicle safely.

2) They can offer help with adaptive driving equipment.

If someone has a serious condition preventing them from driving easily, adaptive driving equipment can be used to support the driver. For example, professionals may suggest better wheel grips on the car to help people with mobility problems better control their vehicles or they may suggest pedal extenders or other equipment to help injured drivers drive safely within their skill levels and physical condition limits.

3) They can offer additional training.

Learning to drive after a stroke or with a wheelchair or other serious condition can be difficult. Driving rehabilitation professionals in Homestead, Miami, and other Florida communities work with drivers to help them relearn driving skills with new conditions and abilities. If someone has to use adaptive driving equipment because of their condition, professionals can help drivers adjust to driving with these additional devices in the most efficient manner possible.

4) They can provide services for passengers.

Drivers aren’t the only ones who require the help of rehabilitation professionals. Passengers with mobility issues or certain medical conditions may have trouble getting in and out of cars, buckling up, and otherwise being safe passengers. Professional assistance is available for these passengers to help them when they use a driving service, drive with friends and family, or rely on taxis.

5) They can provide referrals.

If evaluations show a driver cannot drive safely yet because of a medical condition or other situation, driving rehabilitation experts can refer that person to other types of therapy or assistance, such as occupational therapy, cognitive therapy, wheelchair seating programs, physical therapy, or other potential solutions.

If you have a loved one who is elderly or is ill but is afraid of giving up the independence driving offers or if you yourself have suffered a medical condition or serious injury that has impacted your driving ability, a driving rehabilitation professional can help you get back on the road safely.

Unfortunately, not all drivers take the precaution of seeking additional supports when they can’t drive safely. In some cases, drivers have every ability to drive carefully but choose not to. If you have been injured by someone who has been driving recklessly, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.