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Even Florida Drivers Need to Worry About Winter Driving During the Holidays

If you’re planning on driving in order to get to a family holiday event, you may well have to leave Florida and enter states where winter driving has a whole new meaning. Although in many cases Florida drivers do not need to worry about the dangers of winter driving – dangers which can include driving snow, snow drifts, and icy roads — once Florida drivers leave the state to visit family for the holidays, they may be in more danger than usual. Since Florida drivers are often unused to winter driving conditions, they may be at a higher risk of accidents when driving in unfamiliar, winter conditions. There are some ways to prevent this, however, if you will be traveling out of state for the holidays:

1) Make sure your car is ready for your destination. You may not need snow tires at home to prevent a Florida pedestrian accident or car accident. However, if you are driving to a state where winter conditions are probable or likely, get winter snow tires. If you are likely to be driving in heavy snow or is rural areas, look for studded tires, which have small spikes which grip icy roads and give you more control of your car.

2) Consider alternate forms of travel. If you have no experience driving in the snow, it may be easier and less expensive to fly, take a train, or take some other form of transportation to your holiday destination. Even letting someone experienced in winter driving can help.

3) Take a course in winter driving. A course in winter driving is likely readily available through a local driver’s education school. The tips you learn can help you prevent a Florida car accident and will prepare you for winter roads in other states as well.

4) Make sure you understand what conditions you will face. Use weather stations and Internet weather information from the government to determine what conditions you are likely to face. Knowing whether you are likely to face icy roads, snows, or hail can help you plan ahead.

5) Stay alert of weather condition changes and keep your plans flexible. If you are driving to a holiday destination in a wintry state, check weather forecasts before your departure. If there is any snow, you will need to slow down, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive safely. If the weather is severe, stay flexible in your plans and find another way of arriving safe. In a snowstorm, it will be much safer to leave your car at home and use a train or plane to get to your destination, especially if you have limited winter driving experience.

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