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Planning Holiday Parties? Plan Now to Prevent Florida Drunk Driving Accidents

If you are planning on having holiday parties or get-togethers at your home, now is the time to start planning to ensure that none of your guests are in a Florida car accident after your party. Remember: if you serve alcohol and one of your guests causes a Florida drunk driving accident, you could be held partly liable for the accident. You don’t want to cause a fatality or serious injury and you certainly don’t want to become involved in a legal action. The only solution is to start planning.

Consider ways to ensure that your guests do not drive drunk. You could avoid serving alcohol entirely, or stop serving alcohol early. If you live in a remote location, consider having enough bedding and space for every guest to spend the night. This way, anyone who is intoxicated would not have to drive. Contact taxi and shuttle services before your party to find out how much transportation would cost. Some driving services provide special flat rates at the holidays. They will drive your guests to and from your party for a flat fee.

Another option is to designate drivers or to create your own shuttle service. Have two or three people abstain from drinking entirely and have these volunteers shuttle your guests back home as needed. Hotels and local motels may also offer group rates to ensure that your guests do not drink and drive. Consider having taxi cash, taxi numbers, and a few alternatives on hand.

Even if you plan to have a few options available to ensure that guests do not drive drunk, however, you will also need to plan to ensure that guests are monitored. You need to have a plan in place to keep guests from driving drunk. At a busy party, it can be difficult to spot every guest heading for their cars, so plan ahead. Consider having all guests deposit their car keys when they arrive at your house, for example. Consider having someone walk each guest to their cars after the party, to ensure that they show no signs of intoxication.

Another great option is to offer breathalyzer key chains as party favors or small gifts. It is an easy and simple way to evaluate intoxication. Another option is to simply observe guests and to note who is drinking how much. At small parties, it’s relatively easy to monitor overall consumption. This is one reason why you may want to keep get-together small. Working with guests to help them make good choices can help you save the lives of your friends and family so that they can visit your holiday events next year, too.

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