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Traveling to See Family This Holiday Season? Plan to Arrive Safe

This is the time of year when many families are planning long trips – including loan road trips – for the holidays. If you want to help prevent Florida car accidents and arrive safely, you need to plan ahead. Here’s how:

1) Use online mapping tools to chart your holiday driving plans, especially if the route is not familiar with you. Tools such as Google maps and Google Streetview allow you to envision your route before you go, select different routes, and even estimate how long your drive will take you.

2) Plan to drive well-rested. When deciding on your trip, develop a strategy to ensure that you will not drive fatigued. Fatigued driving causes many Florida pedestrian accidents and traffic accidents each year. Make sure that the day before you leave is not too hectic and you have enough time to get a proper rest. Note hotels and motels along your route, in case you are tired and need a rest. Consider driving with a friend, who can do some of the driving when you get tired.

3) Plan to drive undistracted. Distracted driving causes many Florida truck accidents and car accidents each year. Make sure that you avoid all distractions – such as mobile devices and loud music – while you drive. Turn your phone off before you get in the car, to prevent family members from calling to check where you are on your route.

4) Consider weather past state lines if you are driving outside of Florida for the holidays. If you will be driving well outside the state, you may encounter snowy conditions and ice on the roads. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape and has good snow tires for the journey. Listen to weather reports before you leave and change your plans as needed.

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