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How to Find a Hollywood Car Accident Attorney

If you have been in a car collision in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you will want to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney who has experience with local car accident cases. Whether you were t-boned or in a hit-and-run crash, Hollywood car accident claims can be complex and an attorney can help you during every stage of the process.


You may mistakenly think you don’t need an attorney because your accident was minor or because you have good insurance. Even if this is the case, you may wish to get a free consultation to discuss your case with an attorney. Many car owners are surprised to see how much even a small accident can cost in car repairs, lost time at work, car rentals, and other costs. In addition, many do not get the full insurance benefits they may be entitled to without legal help.

Unfortunately, it is easy to underestimate the costs of your accident and your insurance company is in business to make money. Often, claims are resolved before you even know for certain what impact your injury will have on your life. Working with an attorney right from the start ensures there is someone in your corner looking out for you. Finding the right attorney starts when you:

  • Look for someone with insurance industry experience. Insurance laws and practices are very complex and while they are covered in law school, it is even more useful when an attorney has experience on both sides of the court room. Charles Flaxman of Flaxman Law Group, for example, worked in the insurance industry for ten years and has worked for decades in the legal profession. He understands the processes insurance companies use both as an insider and as a successful trial lawyer.
  • Look for someone with extensive experience. Find attorneys who routinely deal with car accidents similar to yours, whether yours was a multiple car accident, tractor trailer crash or another type of crash. With thousands of car accident and personal injury cases successfully solved, Flaxman Law Group has experience with your kind of car accident.
  • Look for someone who gets results. Results speak for themselves. For example, Flaxman Law Group has recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of thousands of injured persons. Charles Flaxman of Flaxman Law Group is one of less than one percent of the nation’s attorneys to be part of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum,  a prestigious organization only open to those top attorneys who have secured million-dollar and multi-million dollar settlements and court wins.
  • Look for someone who cares. You need to feel comfortable with your attorney, since they will be handling some very personal information about you. Look for a caring legal team who is responsive and actually helps you. Flaxman Law Group, for example, is known for taking care of all the details for you, whether you need help renting a car or need assistance with getting the facts about your rights.

If you have been injured in a car collision in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free, no obligation consultation with a Hollywood car accident attorney.