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Florida is 18th in the US for Fatal Personal Injuries

According to Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Florida ranks 18th in the country for fatal injuries. According to the two organizations, over 12 000 Florida residents each year die due to preventable personal injuries. For those under age 45 in the state, accidents and violent injuries are the leading fatalities.

The organizations’ findings also suggest that more money could be put towards preventing Miami personal injury. While accidental injury prevention gets very little funding, personal injuries cost the US over $400 billion in medical expenses and in reduced productivity. Accidental deaths cost Florida alone $118 million annually in medical costs.

In Florida alone, 67 out of 100 000 state residents die annually from preventable personal injuries, including Florida and Miami drunk driving accidents, Florida Miami slip and fall accidents, traffic accidents, and other preventable injuries. This is higher than the national average of 58 accidental deaths out of 100 000 US residents. Men also are overrepresented in accidental fatalities. Men account for two out of three accidental deaths.

Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation made ten suggestions for how states could help prevent accidental fatalities. These suggestions include adding a motorcycle helmet law, which could help prevent fatal brain injuries in Miami motorcycle accidents. Another suggestion was for Florida to mandate built-in breathalyzers in the cars of convicted drunk drivers. The two organizations also suggested that Florida could do more to prevent teen dating violence and could pass booster seat laws to prevent childhood injuries in Miami car accidents. Florida already does have bicycle helmet laws, prescription drug monitoring, and seat belt laws, which puts the state ahead of some others when it comes to preventative safety measures.

According to the study and other experts, some of the top preventable injuries in the region include Miami motorcycle accidents, Miami car accidents caused by distracted driving, and Miami injuries and falls caused by alcohol. In many cases, the fatal and serious injuries that emergency doctors see in Miami are quite preventable. While Miami hospitals do a good job of treating Miami brain injury patients and other trauma patients, doctors agree that prevention is key to preventing fatalities and serious accidents.

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