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Road Workers and Miami Car Accidents

Road workers, firefighters or other emergency workers often need to share the road space with cars as they work. Unfortunately, this can cause more Miami traffic accidents due to a number of reasons:

1) Road work and emergencies can mean more debris and foreign objects on the roads. Road crews may need to place supplies and items on the road as they repair the roads or build new projects, and this can easily cause a Miami car accident if a driver runs over the item or swerves to avoid debris. In emergencies, too, a fire or other tragedy may mean that debris ends up in the road, where it can be a hazard. When driving near an emergency site or an area where road work is taking place, it is important to stay extra alert and to slow down, so that you can notice any of these hazards in time.

2) Emergencies and road work can mean detours, closed streets, and therefore more congestion in nearby areas. You don’t even need to be driving by an affected area to be in a Miami car accident related to road work or an emergency. As road crews or authorities divert traffic, nearby areas can become congested, leading to frustration and collisions.

3) Road work and emergencies can mean the unexpected. On these sites, the unexpected it expected. Whether that means a tractor backing up or a fire truck rushing to the scene, emergency sites and road work sites are nothing like usual traffic areas, which is one reason why it is important to obey any signage in the area and to obey any direction given by ground crew or authorities at the site.

4) Emergencies and road work are usually a major driver distraction. It is natural to be curious about an emergency or a new project, but looking at what is happening rather than at the signs and at the traffic can easily lead to an accident. Some drivers even slow down to take photos of a site or to call in the report to a news station. This level of distraction can easily lead to a secondary accident, so it is important to focus on driving. You can read about the event later in a newspaper.

5) Emergencies and road work can mean more pedestrians. Many traffic accidents at emergency sites and road work sites are in fact Miami pedestrian accidents. Road crews and emergency personnel need to move in and between cars at these sites, and this puts them at risk. Distracted drivers who are not watching the traffic are an especial danger to road crew workers and emergency personnel. For this reason, it is important to focus on your driving and to give road crews and emergency personnel extra space where you can.

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