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Florida Rollover Car Accidents are a Serious Concern

When a car tips over on its side or roof, serious injuries can result. Florida rollover accidents usually occur with specific top-heavy cars – such as vans and SUVs – and typically take place when a driver travels too fast when turning. Tripping, a collision with a vehicle, and not being able to maneuver a slope are other reasons for rollovers. In many cases, speed is at least one factor in a rollover.

Some vehicles are more prone to rollovers because they have a high center of gravity. SUVs, vans, and trucks, for example are far more likely to be in a rollover accident than most low-slung passenger vehicles. Some models are especially well-known for having a high rollover risk and in fact some cars have been recalled over this risk. Very large trucks with heavy loads are especially liable to rollovers, because they are top-heavy.

There are many things that manufacturers can do to help prevent rollovers. Some vehicles have wider wheel tracks, for example, making the cars more stable. Roll bars and roll cages can also maintain the integrity of the vehicle in a rollover, reducing the risk of serious brain injury. However, such safety features also reduce passenger space and for this reason many manufacturers do not install these additional safety features in cars that are intended for passenger use. Military vehicles and commercial vehicles tend to have these additional safety features, but most passenger cars do not. Convertibles, however, do have roll bars or additional protection of some type, simply because in the event of a rollover, passengers in a convertible have almost no protection from the impact, other than the windshield.

There are a number of things that drivers can do to help reduce their risk of a rollover accident. If you have a vehicle that has a higher center of gravity, for example, avoid loading any weight on the roof of the vehicle. Additional weight there makes your vehicle top-heavy and makes it more likely to roll over if you have to drive down a very steep slope or if you accidentally collide with an object or vehicle. As well, avoiding making sharp, fast turns. This is the highest risk factor for most rollover accidents, so driving the speed limit and avoiding taking your car off the road onto slopes and into ditches can greatly reduce your risk of a rollover
Rollover accidents tend to be serious. In this type of Florida car accident, it is common for the roof to cave in or collapse, leading to serious brain injuries and other serious injuries. As well, in some rollover accidents the car stops in a position that blocks doors and escape routes, trapping passengers inside. In the event of a fire, this can be fatal as passengers are unable to flee the vehicle in time.

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