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Getting Ready to Prevent Florida Car Accidents in the School Year

The start of the school year means a return of the school-year routine for many families. If you have a child, your morning routine will likely mean a commute to school. If you drive your child to school, you will need to plan ahead to reduce the risk of a Florida car accident on the way to school. Unfortunately, traffic accidents frequently occur on the morning school commute, as dozens of parents are dropping off children and trying to scramble through a hectic morning. You can reduce your risk if you:

1) Encourage your school to create a drop-off zone. A drop-off zone at school usually is apart from school buses and is designed to handle high-flow levels of traffic. This is far more convenient and safer than trying to drop off a child near school bus lanes or near a busy school parking lot.

2) Consider car pooling. Arranging for car pooling for your child reduces stress and saves you time. Arranging car pooling at your child’s school also reduces the number of cars pulling up by the school, which can reduce the risk of collisions.

3) Get your car checked out. A well-maintained car will respond better, making it easier for you to stop suddenly if you need to.

4) Do a test run. If you are new to a school, especially, consider visiting the school some morning before classes start. Test out different routes to the school and time how long the drive takes (but make sure to factor in morning traffic during the school year). Consider where you can park and where you can drop your child off. Take note of the school bus zones as well so that you are prepared for the morning commute.

5) Create a time schedule to keep mornings less hectic. A chaotic morning can increase your risk of an accident because it is distracting to be rushing and thinking about the time. Set up a system by the door and have each child place their shoes, coats, and full backpacks by the door. Set out clothing the night before. Consider pre-packed lunches or wake early to pack them. Shaving off time in the morning also ensures you don’t have to get up too early, which reduces the risk of driving fatigued.

6) Consider alternative forms of transport. If your school offers a bus ride, consider this as a viable alternative. While Florida bus accidents do occur, they are statistically far rarer than car accidents.

7) Consider parking a block from school and walking. If your child’s school is large and has no drop-off zone, you may find the traffic near the school too chaotic and unsafe. Parking a short distance away and walking up can be safer, especially if the entrance to the school is a distance away from car traffic.

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