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It’s Not Just Trucks: Florida Car Accidents are Also Caused by Tire Blowouts

Florida truck accidents caused by tire blowouts are often in the news, because these types of accidents tend to be very destructive. However, passenger car drivers also need to worry about car blowouts. While blowouts on large trucks are more destructive because of the pressure and force of the large vehicle, passenger car tires also fail regularly and this can cause Florida car accidents.

In fact, passenger drivers may be more at risk when their own tires blowout. Most passenger car drivers do not receive the same extensive training that truck drivers do and may have less driving experience, so they are less prepared for a tire blowout than commercial truck driver. As well, tire blowouts often frighten drivers and force drivers to respond very quickly. In most cases, drivers will slam on their brakes or move their wheels suddenly when they feel or hear a tire blowout. This can make it even harder to control the car. Experts advise that there are many things that passenger car drivers can do to make tire blowouts less likely to lead to an accident:

1) Take excellent care of your tires. Check pressure and traction regularly and have your tires aligned and maintained regularly by a trusted mechanic. When buying new tires, check to make sure that the brand and model you are buying have not been recalled (this is especially important if you are buying tires second-hand). As well, check the date the tires were manufactured. Some tires sold as “new” have been in storage for some time and may not be as safe as newer tires, since rubber can disintegrate, especially when kept in a hot warehouse.

2) If your tire does suddenly deflate, do not slam on the brakes. Your car will lose traction, so it is important to maintain your speed rather than making a drastic change. Keep both hands on the wheel to maintain better control of your vehicle.

3) Gently counter-steer. The damaged tire will drag, making you drift into an oncoming lane. To avoid a head-on Florida car crash, compensate for this with your steering, but avoid making any sudden or jerky movements with the wheel, as your car is losing traction.

4) If you feel you have the car under control, drop your speed gradually so that you can pull over. Put on your flashers and contact a tow truck for help.

5) In many cases, blown tires are caused by drivers driving over something sharp. Maintaining a good distance from the car in front of you and driving alert can help you spot objects on the road and steer to avoid them.

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