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Going for a Fall Drive to Enjoy the Leaves? Here’s How to Stay Safe

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. The leaves are often beautiful and abundant and for many families, there is a tradition of the fall drive in order to enjoy the beautiful trees. Unfortunately, driving while looking at trees can result in car accidents and resulting personal injuries. Here are some tips on enjoying the fall leaves while staying safe:

1) Consider parking first and then walking. There are many areas – such as parks and country lanes – where you can park your car and walk. This can be a wonderful way to enjoy the weather as well as the autumn. Taking a stroll lets everyone enjoy the leaves and even gives you the chance to pick some fallen leaves to take home for craft projects.

2) Arrange a car ride with two drivers. If you need to drive to look at leaves (because you live in an urban area, for example), consider designating two drivers. One person can drive while everyone else watches the scenery. After some time, the drivers can switch so that the other driver can enjoy the scenery, too. This ensures that each driver can watch the road and still enjoy the drive.

3) Minimize other distractions. Fall leaves and unfamiliar country roads are distracting enough. Put away cell phones, mobile devices, loud music, and other distractions so that you can focus on the drive.

4) Go to an area without too many pedestrians. Plan your drive in advance and consider traffic when you plan. Look for areas with lots of trees but minimal pedestrian traffic and car traffic. This will help reduce the possibility of pedestrian accidents and car collisions.

5) Slow down. Slowing down not only ensures that everyone can enjoy the scenery, but it also gives you more time to stop in case you need to.

6) Ensure that everyone in the car wears a seat belt. A safety belt is a must, even if you want extra movement to look at leaves. A seat belt prevents you from flying through the windshield and sustaining serious spinal cord injuries or brain injuries. In an accident, a seat belt can save your life.