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Time for a Fall Tune-up to Avoid Car Accidents

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year, but it is also a time when car accidents can be especially dangerous. Slippery road conditions and changing weather conditions can make things more risky for drivers. It’s a good idea to have your car checked and maintained at this time of year to ensure safe driving through the New Year. Here are some things you will want to check:

1) Fluids and oil. You will want to ensure that you have antifreeze and fresh oil in your car to ensure that your car is working at its peak. Have a qualified mechanic check all your fluids to ensure that your car functions correctly. Also, make sure that you are topped up on windshield fluid. Rain and other fall weather conditions can wreak havoc with your windshield and visibility, so having good wipers and wiper fluid is important.

2) Mechanical soundness. Make sure that all major systems are working well. If you have any leaks, knocks, or strange sounds, now is the time to have them checked out, before your car causes a car accident and personal injury.

3) Brakes. Fall often means slippery streets, as leaves and other debris mix with the rain during the season. You need to ensure that your brakes work perfectly, so that you can stop to avoid a collision or a pedestrian accident if you need to.

4) Mirrors and windows. During the autumn, days become shorter and evenings are often darker. Small cracks and flaws in your windows can make it harder to see and poor mirror placement can cause an accident. Make sure that you enjoy the most visibility possible.

5) Tires. Make sure that your tires have good treads to deal with the increasingly slippery roads of the fall. If your tires are looking worn-down, replace them. If you will be driving in an area with snow, switch to winter tires that provide you with extra traction. Make sure that your tires are correctly aligned and have good air pressure, as well, as this can affect the overall handling of your vehicle.