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Helping Your Child Get Over the Fright of a Serious Car Accident

If your child has been in a Hollywood or South Florida accident, you may feel fortunate if your child has walked away without serious injuries. However, you still need to stay alert for the emotional impact of a car collision. Many children struggle in the weeks and months following a crash; some even develop depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other challenges.


To help your child, you will want to:

1) Get medical help right away.

Even if you think your child has not been injured in the crash, get a full medical evaluation immediately to ensure there are no hidden injuries needing attention. While visiting the hospital or clinic, ask about having a psychologist, social worker, or psychiatrist speak to your child about the accident so they can offer early treatment. If no professional is available right away, make an appointment within a week so your child has a chance to share any upset they are feeling immediately after the accident.

2) Talk to your child about the accident.

Whether the accident was serious or relatively minor, it can be upsetting for a teenager or minor. Take the time to ask your child about their feelings. Your child may have questions or concerns. Even if they are reluctant to talk, you may wish to go over some of the emotions it’s normal to feel after an accident and you and your child may wish to talk about healthy ways to deal with upsetting emotions.

3) Keep alert for signs your child is struggling.

Trauma, depression, and other issues can arise days, weeks, or even months after an accident. Look for signs such as changes in eating or sleeping patterns, irritability, worsening performance at school, anxiety, sleep disturbances, loss of interest in usual activities, changes in friends, personality changes, anger, crying, moodiness, and physical ailments which seem to have no cause. Any changes or symptoms which worry you should be discussed with a doctor or mental health professional.

4) See a psychologist, social worker, or psychiatrist yourself.

Any trauma you experience from a crash can be impacting your child. Talking to a mental health professional also gives you a chance to ask a professional about how to talk to your child about trauma or even to review your child’s progress.

5) Return to normal activities.

Normal house rules and obligations should be resumed as quickly as possible after the accident. If you are over-protective, it can make your child feel they are still in danger. Returning to activities also gives your child structure, which can be helpful.

After a crash, it is important you have the resources to help your child fully. Being able to pay for tutors, medical care, mental health professionals, and other services can help, just as being able to stay home if your child needs it is important. Reviewing all legal options after your accident with a Hollywood car accident attorney ensures you seek fair compensation so you can offer the support your child needs.

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