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Frontover Accidents in Hollywood and Florida

Frontover car accidents in Hollywood and Florida are devastating, especially since they often involve very young victims. These car collisions occur when a driver is moving forward slowly and does not see a pedestrian or passenger directly in front of the car. Most often, these incidents involve children, who may not be visible over the front hood of a car and residential driveways as well as commercial parking lots are locations where such accidents are especially common.


Each year, thousands of children suffer serious or fatal injuries due to frontover accidents. These injuries can be prevented in a few basic ways:

  • Be aware of visibility around your car. Good visibility can help prevent car accidents. Make sure you have as much visibility as possible when backing out of your driveway. Keep the area well-lit and trim back any trees or bushes which can prevent you from seeing clearly.
  • Know when you are at risk. Frontovers occur most often when you are pulling out of a driveway or parking spot and when you are driving forward slowly. You are most at risk if you have an SUV or larger vehicle, since children may not be visible from the driver’s side when children are 6-8 feet in front of the car. Distracted driving and driving during early morning, when you are more fatigued and when visibility may be poor to lighting, can also increase the risk. In addition, steep inclines can also hurt your visibility and make frontovers more likely. Always adjust your driving if any of these risk factors impact you.
  • Check around your car before getting in. One of the best ways to prevent frontovers is to walk around your car before you get in to check for toys or any children who may be playing in the area. Ask children to move if they are too close to the car and keep a close eye on any young children playing in the area as you back out of your spot.
  • Get a front-vehicle detection device. Just as there are rear-vision cameras to help prevent backover accidents, there are sensors which can help prevent frontover accidents. Look for a product which helps prevent both. You will not only be able to avoid hitting children playing too close to your car, but front and rear vision cameras can make it easier for you to park without getting scratches or dents.
  • Teach your children to never play around vehicles. This is a message you will want to review often, since children can forget when they are engaged in a game.
  • Never keep children’s toys or devices in a driveway, garage, or near where cars exit. Keep toys and play areas, including basketball hoops, in the back yard, preferably in a fenced-in space far from cars. Having play areas close to a car increases the risk children will get close to a car when playing.

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