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Limo Injuries

Limousines are usually hired to celebrate a big event such as a wedding or prom. This makes limousine accidents in Hollywood all the more devastating, as individuals celebrating a milestone in their lives are faced with a collision and the consequences.


You can reduce the risk of injuries and a limo crash by seeking a reputable limo company for your event. Be sure to ask the limo company about their drivers, training, and screening processes, and ask to see written proof of a driver’s experience and qualifications. In the limo, remain sober and use a seatbelt. Never sit up on the sunroof or lean outside the sunroof or windows.

If you do find yourself injured in a limo accident, consult with a Hollywood personal injury attorney before accepting any settlement or signing any papers. Limo collisions are more complex than most car accidents in Hollywood for a few reasons:

  • Passengers do not usually wear seatbelts. This can mean passengers are thrown about in the event of an accident, leading to more serious injury.
  • Passengers may be distracted and celebrating. Many super-stretch limousines have bars inside and it’s not unusual for celebrations and drinking to take place in the limo. Passengers can make poor choices or take risk which can increase the risk of injury.
  • There may be nothing to brace against. Passengers in a super-stretch face one side, meaning that in a collision they are thrown forward towards the bar or TV, leading to fractures, head injury, and other serious injuries.
  • There may be more passengers. With more passengers, more serious injuries are possible as passengers crash against each other.
  • Limos have projectiles. Bottles of alcohol, television screens, and décor items can become airborne during a collision, causing serious injury and lacerations.
  • Limos are larger, meaning there are more risks. They are harder to park and make wider turns, requiring more skill and experience on the part of the driver.
  • Limos are rented by companies, meaning any claim is handled by a business insurance company. For some injured passengers, it can be difficult to make a claim since a larger insurer may create delays or deny claims of negligence.

Limousine companies have a duty to create a safe environment for passengers. If your limo company failed to do so and you were injured as a result, contact a Hollywood limo accident attorney by calling Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free consultation. Our legal team represents injured clients across South Florida and we would be pleased to review your potential case with you in a free consultation.