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Nursing Home Residents May Be More at Risk After a Car Crash

Nursing home residents may need to be transported by car to doctor’s appointments and other appointments. In some cases, nursing homes or hospitals arrange transportation for elderly residents of nursing homes to ensure they get the care they need. When nursing home residents are in a Hollywood traffic accident, however, they may be far more at risk when compared to the rest of the population.


Seniors who are in nursing homes may already have underlying medical conditions which make them vulnerable to complications after a serious injury. If a senior has a condition such as osteoporosis, they are also more likely suffer from fractures and injuries. If an elderly patient has dementia or other disorders, they may have a difficult time communicating with emergency responders or even doctors after a car accident, which can affect care.

In addition, seniors may face ageism and difficulty getting care, according to some research. A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine shows that one out of five seniors faces ageism when seeking health care, placing these patients at a higher risk of injury and complications.

What Can I Do?

If you are a senior living in a nursing home in Hollywood or if you have a loved one in a nursing home, there are several things you can do:

  • Do your due diligence to reduce the risk of car accidents. Find out how residents of a nursing home are transported to and from doctor’s appointments and other destinations. Who is driving and what is their driving record like? What is the vehicle used and how is it serviced? Have there been near-misses or accidents in the past? Are residents able to use seat belts and are there special provisions made for wheelchair users or others who can’t use regular seat belts or regular car seats?
  • Keep medical records up to date. Medical records should be up-to-date and clear, with current medications, diagnosis, doctor’s name and contact information, family contact information, allergy data and more. If a resident has a serious medical condition or allergy, consider an alert bracelet so emergency responders can get this information easily.
  • Consider a power of attorney and a health advocate. A power of attorney can allow family members to make medical decisions in the event of a serious medical incident, such as a car accident. A health advocate is a friend or family member who can meet the patient at the hospital after an emergency such as a car accident to share information, write down medical instructions, and act as an advocate for the patient. Both resources can be especially helpful if a patient struggles with communication or any conditions which could impact decision-making or cognitive function.

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