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Summer Hollywood Car Accident Risks

Hollywood and South Florida summers come with their own driving risks. The hot weather, tourist season and events of the summer months all can combine to create new hazards, which is one reason why car accidents are more common in the summer. Whether you are a local resident or visiting the Florida area for the first time, use these tips to stay safe on the roads:


  • Place your purse or cell phone under your child’s car seat whenever you drive anywhere. Not only will it prevent you from driving distracted, but it can help prevent the tragedy of forgetting a child behind in a hot car, according to experts.
  • Check your car. Make sure your car is functioning correctly for the summer and check the air conditioning system, too. Cars can overheat in the summer, which can put extra pressure on a car’s systems. An air conditioner is also especially important in South Florida, where the heat inside a car can be enough to endanger your passengers.
  • Stay alert for events, weather, and traffic concerns. Set up an alert on your phone so you can stay in touch with local events and conditions. Special festivals and summer events can draw large crowds of tourists and residents, which can cause heavy traffic and frustration. Bad weather in Florida can creep up suddenly, too, affecting your visibility, so stay aware of weather systems.
  • Protect yourself from heat and the sun. The sun can affect visibility while the heat can be distracting and can exacerbate symptoms of fatigue. Use your air conditioner to stay cool and use sunglasses and visors to protect yourself from glare. Stay hydrated by drinking water before you get in the car and if you’re going on a longer trip take frequent stops to get some shade and water.
  • Do not drive distracted. With more tourists on the road, more events and road construction, you need to be alert. Put away mobile devices and do not use hands-free devices, either, as they can be distracting as well.
  • Be aware of your physical condition to drive. Summer can mean hectic routines and less time spent sleeping. It’s easy to drive when fatigued. Many events and barbecues can also mean more alcohol is consumed, which is one reason why there may be a higher risk of Hollywood DUI accidents in the summer. If you feel tired or have been drinking, do not drive. Find an alternative way home.
  • Be aware of new drivers. New drivers who have just gotten their license may be out of school and enjoying the freedom of driving. In addition, summer events can mean more tourists in the summer months, and tourists may not be familiar with city streets. Always keep alert for drivers who may be driving erratically or who may look distracted.

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