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Helping your Children Avoid Miami Car Accidents this Halloween

Miami car accidents are a special risk during Halloween, since children are out and about trick-or-treating at the same time as cars are driving around. Miami sees a lot of car traffic, making it especially risky for childhood car accidents, especially during Halloween. Children who are trick-or-treating can get overly excited about the candy they are getting, and this can make them less cautious about running in front of cars or about crossing the street. To ensure that your children are not affected by Miami pedestrian accidents this Halloween, make sure that you:

1) Choose costumes carefully. Costumes should be highly visible, and should include flashlights or reflective strips. Any props, such as guns or swords, should be clearly made of foam and should not look too close to the real thing. Ensure that your child’s costume does not prevent them from walking safely. This means ensuring that there is nothing dragging on the ground when your child walks in his or her costume.

2) Make sure that your child can see correctly. Avoid costumes that cover the face, and costumes with masks that inhibit visibility. Where possible, use face paint rather than masks for your child’s Halloween costume. Also be wary of costumes that require capes or hoods, as these can affect peripheral vision and can make it harder for your child to see oncoming traffic.

3) Set out a route for your child’s to follow. Make sure that your child is accompanied at all times by an adult. The route that your child uses for Halloween should be well lit, and should have relatively little traffic.

4) Go over pedestrian safety rules with your child in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Make sure that your child is repeatedly told look both ways before crossing the street and to always cross at corners. When your child is out trick-or-treating, he or she should visit houses along one side of the street, cross at the corner, and then continue to visit houses along the other side of the street. Make sure that your child does not crisscross the street to get to different houses, crossing from in between parked cars.

5) If you live in a high traffic area of Miami, consider taking your child to a Halloween party rather than having them trick-or-treat. This ensures that your child is safe indoors rather than risking injury outdoors. This can also help protect your child from Miami drunk driving accidents, which unfortunately can be a concern on a night when many Halloween parties are serving alcohol.

6) If a younger child does want to trick or treat, consider sending them out early. This way, the child will be back home before dark. Have extra Halloween candy at home so that he or she is not disappointed with fewer treats.

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