How Bias Can Be Contributing to Florida Car Accidents

Bias is inevitable. Our brains process so much information that researchers have shown that we filter out data and group like ideas together to deal with information overload. Sometimes, we get the wrong information and it just never gets corrected. This leads to bias.


A great place to see bias in action is on Florida streets. Research shows that most drivers think they are skilled, safe drivers. The sheer number of near-misses and crashes in the state shows that a significant percentage of motorists are driving distracted or are being reckless.

How Can I Prevent Bias-Related Car Crashes?

While we can’t do much about how the human brain works, there are ways we can make sure we’re not overestimating our driving skills. Here’s how.

  • Think objectively. Don’t assume you’re a great driver, no matter how many years you’ve had your license. Have you had some fender-benders or near misses? These could indicate you could brush up on your driving habits or skills.
  • Get feedback. A professional driving instructor can evaluate your driving skills and help you get back on track if you have had some near-crashes or have picked up some bad habits.
  • Help young drivers overcome bad habits early. If you’re a parent and have a teen driver, consider enrolling your child in extra driver training or a defensive driving class. This can help them build the skills they need.
  • Work on your driving skills anyway. Even if you haven’t had any close calls and you’re very sure you’re a good driving, continuing to work on your skills can only help you. Taking refresher classes or defensive driving classes can help you avoid accidents caused by other drivers and can help you get familiar with new driving conditions. You can build your confidence and practice any skills you haven’t used in a while. Just like you may still engage in professional development after being in your workplace for years, continuing to build your driving skills is a smart move. It may even help you reduce your insurance premiums.

Keep in mind that other drivers are biased, too. If you’re in a car accident, you may find that the other driver accuses you of making a driving mistake or causing the crash. While you might want to defend yourself, the best strategy is to stay calm and exchange insurance information. Tell the other driver that experts can investigate the cause.

Getting into an argument about why a collision occurred is a bad idea. There’s no way for you to know what happened. The legal team at Flaxman Law Group regularly works with investigators, and we know that only a thorough investigation can truly reveal what has caused a crash.

Talking about the cause of the accident at the scene can also backfire. Anything you say, even in passing, can later be used by attorneys for the other side. Your best option is to say little, take photos of the accident scene and surrounding area, and only exchange insurance information with the other driver. Then, contact a Florida car accident claims attorney to get advice about what to do.

If you’ve been in a car accident and are worried about the costs and bills, call Flaxman Law Group at 866-352-9626 or contact us online. We can set up a free, no obligation case consultation so we can answer your questions and empower you with information. Our legal team may be able to seek compensation for you or negotiate with insurance carriers. Contact us today to find out what is possible in your situation.

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