How Micromobility Programs Can Affect Car Accidents

Many cities across the country are seeing a rise in the use of smaller, lighter personal vehicles such as e-scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, and motorcycles. Part of this trend may be because these vehicles use less gasoline (or no gasoline), making them more economical and better for the environment. Users also now have access to e-scooter and e-bike sharing in some cities, allowing for greater access.


All of this raises some questions: How do micromobility vehicles affect car accident risks? If you’re in a collision with someone on a rented bike, e-scooter, or other vehicle, what is the insurance process like?

Let’s explore some answers.

What Are the Dangers of Micromobility Programs?

The accident rate for e-scooters alone is 14.3 per 100,000 rides, with half of these injuries being brain injuries. While micromobility programs are popular, there is growing frustration from drivers about the use of these modes of transportation, especially when they share the road with cars.

  • The technology is new. Drivers and the users of the new technology are still adjusting. This can mean drivers aren’t always looking for e-scooters, e-bikes, or rental bikes on the road.
  • There’s more traffic. With micromobility programs, it’s easy to rent a small electric vehicle, and this can create more traffic on streets. In addition, special trucks need to transport the smaller vehicles back to rental stations after customers are done with them. This can potentially cause more congestion and a greater risk of accidents.
  • Different cities have different rules. Some cities require e-bike, bike, and e-scooter users to use bike lanes. Others have rules about using sidewalks or even where rentals can be dropped off. This can create confusion for travelers who may be familiar with another set of rules.
  • Riders don’t always follow the rules. Riders on e-bikes, bikes, e-scooters, and similar types of transportation are more vulnerable than passenger car occupants in an accident. Not wearing helmets, riding under the influence, and otherwise disobeying the rules set out by rental companies or the rules of the road can make it especially easy to sustain serious injury for riders.

What Happens If I’m In an Accident?

Being in an accident with a rental bike, e-scooter, e-bike, or other type of micromobility vehicle can be a challenge, whether you’re a rider or a motorist. Both riders and motorists have found rental companies reluctant to pay for serious injury and car insurance providers do not always have clear rules for these new types of transport, which can lead to driver confusion when it’s time to make a claim.

If you have been injured in a collision involving a micromobility vehicle, and your injuries were caused by negligence, you may be able to file a legal claim and seek compensation for the many bills you may be facing after your injury. Even if your injuries were not caused by negligence, it can be valuable to speak to a personal injury attorney because the insurance process can be complicated.

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