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How You Can Reduce Your Risk of the Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents in Hollywood and Florida can lead to a huge range of injuries, including ear injuries, head trauma, fractures, quadriplegia, and other serious injuries. Car accident injuries can also include emotional trauma.


Fortunately, there are ways to help you reduce the risk of the most common traffic-accident-related injuries:

Neck and back injuries.

The neck and back are especially vulnerable in a car accident because your head can be whipped forward upon impact. This can cause soft tissue damage and whiplash, which is quite common after a car crash. In the most serious cases, you could be thrown against the windshield or through the windshield of the car, which can cause severe spinal cord trauma and can lead to quadriplegia or paraplegia.

The best way to prevent neck and back injuries is to wear a seatbelt. A seat belt helps keep you in your seat in a car crash, reducing the force with which you are thrown about the car. A seat belt also prevents you from being thrown through the windshield. Check your seat belt occasionally to make sure that is not frayed, torn, or worn and that it still works correctly.

Facial injuries.

Facial injuries in a car accident are often caused by pitching forward into the dashboard or steering wheel. In many cases, properly working air bags can help prevent facial injuries by providing you with a soft cushion in the event of an impact. Airbags can also help you avoid back and neck injuries by keeping you from being pitched forward too far. Make sure that your car offers airbag protection for you and your passengers and check to make sure that your car has not been affected by the most recent airbag recalls.

Wrist and arm injuries.

Arm injuries and wrist injuries are often defensive injuries in a Hollywood car accident. In a car crash, you may instinctively throw your arms in front of your face to protect yourself, and this can lead to arm and wrist injuries if your arm and wrist strike the dashboard or even the airbag with enough force.

While it’s difficult to prevent yourself from acting instinctively, you can reduce your risk of wrist and arm injuries by not sticking your arm or hand out the window. In the event of an accident, you are more likely to suffer a fracture or serious injury if your arm or hand is outside the vehicle. Also, make sure that you hold your steering wheel correctly. Winding your wrists and arms through the steering wheel can cause your steering wheel to fracture your hands and wrists in the event of an accident.

Head injuries.

Head injuries are one of the most traumatic injuries sustained in a car accident. These types of injuries can prevent affect your memory, your cognitive function, your mobility, and your personality. Wearing a seatbelt and having a car with a properly functioning airbags can go a long way towards preventing head injuries. Another thing you will want to consider is your headrest. Make sure that your headrest is positioned correctly to provide you with maximum cushioning in the event of a car crash.

Foot and leg injuries.

In the event of a car crash in Hollywood or your community, the front or seat well of the car can be crushed forward into your legs, potentially causing foot and leg injuries. Buying a car that offers you more legroom and a larger crunch zone in the front can help you avoid foot and leg injuries in some cases.

In addition, it’s important to wear practical footwear when driving. Proper footwear lets you have a good grip on the pedals, which can help you avoid a car accident in the first place. Practical footwear also means that your foot is less likely to go slipping off of the pedals in the event of a car accident, helping you avoid the risk of a fracture or rolled ankle.

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