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How Impatience Leads to Car Collisions in Aventura and Other Florida Communities

Could impatience increase your risk of a car accident in Aventura or other Florida cities? Some experts think so. Impatience itself can be a distraction, making you so upset with getting to your destination on time that you fail to notice the actions of other motorists around you. According to some experts, impatience behind the wheel can also lead to:

1) Running red lights. If you’re rushing to your destination and don’t have patience to deal with other motorists, you could end up running red lights or ignoring other traffic signals. Obviously, this can easily lead to a truck accident in Aventura or your community.

2) Speeding. If you are short on patience and short on time, speeding to your destination can seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, speeding is also a leading cause of traffic accidents in Aventura and other communities. When you speed, you have less control of your car, and you can easily lose control of your vehicle. Speed-related accidents are also more likely to cause serious or fatal injuries due to the force of the vehicles at impact.

3) Weaving in and out of traffic. Drivers who are impatient will sometimes weave in and out of traffic that is traveling at or near the speed limit. This increases the risk of an accident.

4) Going around traffic that has stopped for pedestrians. A very common tactic used by impatient drivers is to go around a car that has stopped for some reason – such as to allow a pedestrian to cross the road. Unfortunately, if you cannot see what the car in front of you has stopped for, you can easily cause a pedestrian accident in Aventura or your community if you try to drive around the car.

5) Tailgating. Experts and police agree that tailgating is extremely dangerous. Not leaving enough space for the car in front of you means that if the car in front of you has to brake suddenly you will likely be involved in a rear end accident. When driving behind commercial trucks, especially, it is important to leave extra room, since trucks take longer to break and may make unexpected stops. When driving in bad weather, extra space is also needed in case your car skids when braking.

6) Texting or talking on a mobile device while driving. Some drivers are impatient to get to their destination and because they are so busy they will text or talk on their mobile devices, trying to get errands done while they drive. Numerous research studies have shown that distracted driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

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