Are Hands-Free Mobile Devices Still a Risk When it Comes to Car Accidents in Biscayne Park and Other Communities?

Much has been written in recent years about distracted driving. Florida is currently considering legislation that would make it illegal to text and drive, even though similar legislation has not managed to pass legislature in past years. Numerous research studies have shown that distracted driving is extremely dangerous. In fact, some studies have shown that distracted drivers have the same slow response times as drivers who drive drunk.

Researchers agree that distracted driving can increase the risk of an accident considerably. Despite this, Florida remains one of the few states that do not ban texting and driving or outright. People who are injured in cell phone related car accidents in Biscayne Park and other communities, however, can pursue a personal injury claim in order to get compensation for their injuries. In addition, police do have the right to arrest someone who causes an accident while texting and driving if their driving is considered reckless.

Distraction and Car Accidents in Biscayne Park

One reason that legislation banning texting and driving has a hard time in Florida legislature is because Florida experts do not entirely agree on the safest legislation to pass. Some claim that simply banning handheld mobile devices would improve safety on Florida’s roads. Manufacturers of hands-free devices often promote this idea, claiming that their devices allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel while driving.

However, some lawmakers and experts disagree. They claim that any form of mobile device or discussion can distracted driver. They note that people using a hands-free device while driving are still focused on the conversation rather than on the road in front of them. This means that they can still cause pedestrian accidents in Biscayne Park and other types of traffic accidents because their full focus is not on driving.

What Legislation Could Prevent Traffic Accidents in Biscayne Park?

Of course, legislating hands-free devices will be much more difficult as it can be more challenging for authorities to catch someone who is talking on a hands-free device while driving. In addition, many drivers feel that being able to have access to a mobile device is essential for their safety and their convenience. Many motorists are simply unwilling to give up the convenience of mobile devices. The question for lawmakers then becomes: how can we pass legislation that keeps Florida residents safe while also helping to prevent car accidents and truck accidents in Biscayne Park?

So far, lawmakers are still undecided. In the meanwhile, if you are injured in a traffic accident in Biscayne Park that was caused by distracted driver, you can pursue compensation to help recover money for property damage, medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses related to your injuries. Contacting a personal injury attorney in Biscayne Park or your community can ensure that drivers who drive distracted are held liable for their actions.

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