Six Small Mistakes You Make that Could Lead to a Hialeah Car Accident

Researchers agree that the vast majority of traffic accidents in Hialeah and across Florida occur due to driver error. Many of these driver errors are quite minor and are things that drivers do an almost daily basis:

1) Being distracted. Experts agree that distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents in Hialeah and other Florida communities. Many motorists associate distracted driving just with cell phone use. While it’s true that there are many cell phone related car accidents in Hialeah and other communities, cell phones and mobile devices are not the only causes of distraction. Authorities note that something as simple as fast food or drinking a coffee can be extremely dangerous and distracting behind the wheel. Each year, drivers cause accidents because they spill a meal or hot coffee on themselves, causing them to lose control their car. Anything that removes your hands from the wheel, your eyes from the road, or your mind from your driving task is a distraction. Distractions can include changing the music in your car, hunting for something on the floor of your vehicle, talking animatedly to other passengers, daydreaming, and just about anything else that removes you from fully focusing on driving.

2) Not evaluating your mental state before you step in the car. If you’re tired, angry, upset, unfocused, or worried, you may not be in the mental or emotional state you need to be in order to drive safely. Very few drivers consider their emotions before stepping in the vehicle, but many experts do agree that driving under the influence of strong emotions can easily lead to a traffic accident in Hialeah or your community.

3) Being tired. Many Florida residents lead very busy lives and it is common for people to walk around their everyday lives feeling tired at least some of the time. Recent studies have shown that a number of drivers admit to driving behind the wheel while exhausted and a number admit to drowsing off at least once in the past month. While many people simply medicate fatigue with coffee and other forms of caffeine, driving tired can easily cause you to fall asleep at the wheel and cause a serious car or truck accident in Hialeah or your community.

4) Ignoring your car. When cars are not properly maintained they can easily cause an accident if they don’t respond the way that you expect them to.

5) Being slightly buzzed. Drunk driving accidents in Hialeah and other Florida communities continue to be a serious concern, despite efforts by advocacy groups such as MADD. One problem, according to authorities, is that many people assume that they can drive after drinking as long as they have only consumed a small amount. Recently, Florida authorities have launched an awareness campaign to emphasize that even if you are “buzzed” you are still too drunk to drive. Even a few drinks can seriously affect your motor skills and your response times, increasing the risk of an accident.

6) Driving while slightly ill. Many motorists feel that if they are slightly ill with a cold or flu they cannot put their lives on hold. Unfortunately, if you drive while slightly ill you could end up causing a serious accident. Many serious illnesses that affect driving ability have very mild symptoms at first. Continuing to drive with untreated symptoms can increase your risk of an accident. In addition, taking over-the-counter medication for a cold, flu, sinus problems, or other minor ailments can actually cause you to become drowsy and lose control of your vehicle. If you are ill, take an alternative form of transportation or wait until you get better before you start to drive again. If you need to take medication for allergies or another illness, make sure that you read the labels. Your medication should not make you drowsy and should not affect your driving ability.

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