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How Pets Can Cause Miami Gardens Car Accidents

Many drivers do not realize that pets can be a hazard on the roadways, but pets of all sizes and types cause Miami Gardens car accidents and Florida traffic accidents each year. There are many ways that animals can cause Miami Gardens traffic accidents:

1) Pets that run into the road can cause Miami Gardens truck accidents and car accidents. When dogs are not properly restrained during an outing, they can easily run into the road and cause an accident as drivers swerve to avoid the animal. Dogs that are not on a leash can also lead to Miami Gardens dog bite claims in court. When walking a pet, it is important to always keep it on a leash. This protects the dog and motorists.

2) Pets that are loose in a car can get in the way of driving and can cause an accident. One of the biggest causes of pet-related car accidents has to do with uncaged animals in a car. Unfortunately, when animals are in a moving car they sometimes want to explore. They can leap up on the steering wheel, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, or can climb onto the dashboard and reduce visibility. Small animals can get caught under the gas pedals. For all these reasons, it is important to transport pets in appropriate kennels or cages at all times. In a car accident, the pet and the owner may be seriously injured or killed, so keeping a pet enclosed in a cage in the car ensures everyone’s safety.

3) Pets can be a distraction in the car. Even when pets are contained in a kennel or cage, they can be a distraction for the driver. In some cases, pets can whine or cause a disturbance because they are upset by being in a moving car. If your pet is a distraction for you in the car, you can speak to your vet about possible solutions. You can also travel with a friend when transporting your pet. Your friend can keep an eye on your pet, allowing you to place all your focus on the road.

Pet-related Miami Gardens car accidents can cause fatalities, serious property damage, and serious injuries, including head injuries and spinal cord injuries. When a pet owner does not take the steps necessary to drive safely with their pet in the car, it puts the lives of everyone at risk. An innocent pedestrian or motorist can be injured or killed due to one pet owner’s negligence.

If you have been injured by a motorist who drove recklessly because they had their pet in the car with them, you may have a legal claim. It is a good idea to discuss your case with a qualified Miami Gardens personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney can investigate the accident, can help you determine the costs of your injuries, and can work on your behalf to ensure that you get fair compensation for your injuries.

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