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Is Marijuana Causing North Miami Car Accidents?

According to a study published in the latest British Medical Journal, researchers at Dalhousie University have concluded that driving under the influence of marijuana almost doubles the risk of a fatal or serious car collision. The study is an especial concern for motorists, as it is the most used illegal narcotic and use of the drug seems to be growing among drivers.

According to the researchers, driving under the influence of marijuana is a bigger problem now than drunk driving in some areas. Part of the problem, according to the study’s authors, is that marijuana is easy to get, inexpensive, and readily available. As well, while the dangerous effects of drunk driving have been stressed again and again in public service announcements and the media, many young drivers, especially, do not believe that driving under the influence of marijuana is dangerous. According to associate professor Mark Asbridge, who headed the study, even some designated drivers will smoke marijuana, erroneously believing that it will not impair them.

Another problem is that past studies on the effects of marijuana have not always established a definitive link between marijuana use and car collisions, making it easy for some people to suggest that marijuana is a safer option for motorists. The Dalhousie Research team combined data about 49, 411 drivers from the US, France, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

All the car accidents examined in the study involved at least one vehicle on a public road.
According to the study, drivers who used marijuana within two to three hours of driving faced a 92% greater risk of being involved in a fatal or serious injury. According to the study, marijuana affects spatial awareness, perception, motor skills, and other skills that drivers need to stay safely.

Some countries, including the US, do have saliva roadside tests for marijuana. The tests can detect recent marijuana use, but the tests are not widely used and are controversial. As well, some experts have stated that more research needs to be done to see whether random drug tests of drivers will reduce marijuana-related car accidents.

It is unknown how many North Miami car crashes each year are caused by marijuana use. In many cases, drivers are not tested for the substance after a crash. However, the newest study suggests that more can be done to alert the public about the dangers of driving impaired under the influence of marijuana. Awareness can possibly help to prevent some of the North Miami truck accidents and car accidents caused by controlled substances.

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