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How to Make a Difference to Florida Car Accident Rates

When one reads about Florida pedestrian accidents and fatal car accidents, it’s easy to think that there’s nothing that can be done. However, every driver and pedestrian on the roads has several options to ensure everyone’s safety:

1) Become a good driver. Everyone thinks they are a good driver, but most of us have trouble spots and bad habits that can easily lead to a Florida car accident. The only way to find out whether you have any deadly habits is to get the input of a professional driving instructor. An instructor can evaluate your driving skills and can suggest ways to improve your driving. Racing school and defensive driving courses are two other ways to ensure that you are safe on the roads.

2) Get aware. Read up about the latest news and studies regarding Florida car accidents. Find out which intersections and risky behaviors have the highest rates of crashes. Keep up to date about car recalls to see whether your vehicle is affected.

3) Get involved. If you do spot any problems that can lead to a car accident – such as a dangerous interaction or poor lighting along a stretch of road – write to your elected representatives and your local newspaper. Sign petitions to suggest new laws which can make the streets safer for everyone. Join the public discussion and the effort to make driving safe.

5) Become responsible. It all starts with you. When you avoid drinking and driving and swear off distracted driving, you make the roads a little bit safer. When you decide to take a taxi rather than drive distracted, you may be taking a very small step that can help prevent a Florida car accident. Don’t make excuses. Instead, make the right decision to do the right thing. It’s easy to blame the other “bad” drivers out there, but if more people were responsible for their own driving, we’d see fewer Florida car accidents.

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