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Raising Awareness About Florida Car Accident Risks

Many Florida pedestrian accidents, car accidents, and truck accidents are very preventable. Many are caused by risk factors which could be avoided with a little work. Becoming aware of the risky behaviors which lead to Florida car accidents is the first step. Avoiding the risk factors – such as distracted driving, speeding, and fatigue, to name just a few – is the second important step in preventing Florida truck accidents and car accidents. Finally, you may wish to raise awareness about risk factors to convince other drivers to drive safe. Here’s how we can all spread the message:

1) Social media and the Internet. The Internet and social media sites are a great way to spread the message about the dangers of drunk driving, the importance of seat belts, and other life-affirming lessons.

2) Safety campaigns organized by law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies routinely establish safety campaigns to remind drivers about safe driving. Most agencies are happy to have volunteers who spread the message. Call your local law enforcement agency to learn about their current campaigns as well as opportunities for public involvement.

3) Public talks and discussion. When Oprah ran a show about distracted driving earlier this year, many people and media outlets suddenly began talking about the issue. While few people have that type of clout, spreading the message on a smaller scale and taking part in discussions about safe driving can save lives.

4) Petitions to legislators. Signing petitions for new laws that would make the streets safer sends an important message to legislators and in some cases changes laws for the better. In many cases, laws have been changed due to a few determined people who wanted to make the roads safer.

5) Pledges among students and drivers. Pledges are another way to make Florida roadways safer. When you take a pledge to stop distracted driving, drunk driving, and other dangerous driving habits, you make the roads a little safer by making your own driving safer.

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