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How to Prevent Hollywood Car Crashes if You Know a Problem Driver

In many cases, Hollywood traffic accidents are preventable. In some cases, a driver who has caused a car collision has a medical issue or a series of fender benders and other accidents that friends and family know about. If there is someone in your life that you feel is a problem driver and is at risk of causing a Hollywood truck accident or car accident, there are several things you can do:

1) Talk to the driver in a non-accusatory fashion. In many cases, motorists are defensive about their ability to drive and fearful that their independence will disappear if they can no longer drive. In these cases, it is important to listen to the driver and to show concern.

2) Find out the specific reason for a driver’s problems with driving. If it is a health condition or simply poor driving habits, there may be some way to help. A driver may be able to avoid a Hollywood car accident by speaking with their doctor about treatment or difference medications, for example. If poor habits are to blame, remedial driving lessons can be a big help.

3) Learn about transportation options and share them with the driver. A driver may be more willing to use other transportation options if they are convenient and affordable. Learning about the options can help a driver make a safer decision about their driving.

4) Don’t assume that elderly drivers are automatically unsafe. Driving ability has more to do with skills, choices, and health than with age. While the elderly are more susceptible to certain conditions which can affect driving ability, drivers of any age can make poor choices or develop health concerns that can make them a hazard on the road.

5) Learn about resources that can help. Florida’s Silver Alert system can send out if a driver goes missing. The Safe Mobility for Life program at the Florida Department of Transportation offers tips and information.

6) Speak to a doctor or have the problem driver speak to their doctor about their driving ability. If a health concern is the cause, proper treatment can go a long way towards reducing the risk. A doctor can also help a patient understand how their health can affect driving ability.

7) Get re-testing or one-on-one refresher courses with an experienced driving instructor. Re-testing and one-on-one sessions with driving instructors can help pinpoint and address problems. In some cases, additional training or even accessibility features in a car can help a motorist who is at risk drive safer.

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