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How to Prevent Your Teen From Driving Distracted and Causing a North Miami Car Accident

Distracted driving is a key cause of Florida and North Miami traffic accidents. Research has also shown that teen drivers are more likely than adult drivers to be involved in a car accident. Many parents worry about the statistics and worry about the fact that their teens maybe driving distracted, putting them more at risk of a North Miami car accident. However, there many things that parents can do to help prevent their teens from driving distracted:

1) Make sure your teen knows what driving distracted is. Some teens assume that checking their cell phone very quickly does not amount to distracted driving. It is important to emphasize to teen drivers that taking their eyes or their mind off of driving for even a fraction of second is enough to cause a serious North Miami traffic accident. List all the types of distracted driving possible — including changing a CD, talking to passengers, daydreaming, etc. Make sure that your teen understands that there are many ways to be distracted and that all of them can lead to a North Miami truck accident or car accident.

2) Make sure your teen knows the laws. Some drivers assume that since Florida does not ban texting and driving, it is safe to do in the car. Many research studies, however, have proven that distracted driving can lead to traffic accident and can actually be just as risky as North Miami drunk driving. In addition, Florida law does allow someone who was injured in a car accident to pursue a legal claim against an at-fault driver who was driving recklessly. Therefore, even if your teen does not technically break the law by texting and driving, if the texting causes injuries in a car accident they could be held liable. Make sure your teen understands this law.

3) Help your teen understand the consequences of distracted driving. There are many online resources that describe in graphic detail how families have been torn apart and how people have suffered catastrophic North Miami head injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, and other serious injuries as a result of distracted driving. Oprah aired an entire episode a few seasons ago about distracted driving. In addition, many law enforcement agencies have information about distracted driving, including information about how catastrophic the results of this type of driving can be. Gather a number of resources and watch them with your teen so that they can see firsthand just how a few seconds of texting or distracted driving can lead to tragedy.

4) Work with your teen to raise awareness about distracted driving. If your teen is able to get involved with raising awareness about distracted driving, he or she may be less likely to drive distractedly themselves. Consider volunteering your time and efforts with an organization dedicated to helping prevent distracted driving. It may help teach your teen driver how important it is to keep their full focus on the road while driving.

If your teen is injured in a North Miami car accident, contact the compassionate legal team at the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free case evaluation to discuss your situation. Florida law does allow you to pursue a legal claim if the car accident caused injuries and was caused by a driver’s recklessness. The compensation you seek can help pay for medical costs as well as other costs that can help your teen recover more fully after an accident.