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NHTSA Rules for Teen Drivers Could Curb Davie Car Accidents

Statistics show that teen drivers are more likely than adult drivers to be involved in car accidents. There are a number of reasons for this. The most common reason is that teen drivers have less driving experience than older drivers, and this can put them at risk for an accident simply because they do not know how to avoid a collision. In some cases, teen drivers also take a larger risk than older drivers. For example, they may drive distracted or may engage in other risky behaviors that lead to a Davie car accident. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration believes that parents can play a key role in preventing teen car accidents. According to the agency, there are rules that parents can establish to help their children stay safe on the roads:

1) Always wear a seat belt. Both teen drivers and their passengers should wear a seat belt correctly each time that they are in a car. Wearing a seat belt can help prevent Davie head injuries in the event of a crash as well as many other serious injuries. The simple seatbelt, despite the advent of many safety features, remains one of the most important pieces of safety equipment in any car.

2) No alcohol. In Florida, teenage drivers are not allowed to have any alcohol in their blood system. This means that teen drivers cannot drink at all when they are driving. Many parents assume that their children do not drink and drive because they are underage and cannot secure alcohol easily. Unfortunately, it is all too common for teen drivers to cause Davie drunk driving accidents, and alcohol is easier to procure than many parents believe. Underage drinking is a serious problem across Florida, so it is important for parents to enforce no drinking rules for their teen drivers.

3) No using a cell phone or texting while driving. Teen drivers often feel that they will miss something important if they turn off their cell phones or mobile devices off while driving. In addition, many teens like to stay connected at all times, even when they are driving. While Florida does not have any laws banning cell phone use or texting and driving, multiple research studies have suggested that texting while driving can be as dangerous as drinking and driving. Distracted driving is a leading cause of many Davie truck accidents and car accidents. In order to keep your teen driver safe, it is important for parents to enforce the no distracted driving rule. There are online pledges that teen drivers can sign, promising that they will not drive distracted.

4) Only one passenger in the car at a time. Studies have shown that teens with multiple teenage passengers in the car are more likely to be involved in risk-taking activities and more likely to be involved in a car accident. The more teens are in the car, the higher the risk of an accident or injury. The same studies, however, show that having an adult in the car can actually reduce the risk of a car accident for a teen driver. Based on this type of research, it is a good idea for parents to limit the number of passengers that their teen drivers are allowed in the car.

If your teen has been injured in a Davie car accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your situation. If your child has sustained serious injuries, there could be significant property damage, medical costs, and other costs related to the injuries. Seeking a legal claim and getting advice about your legal options can help secure financial resources to help your teen get the support they need as they heal from their injuries.