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Is Taking Drivers Out of the Equation the Best Way to Eliminate Miami Car Accidents?

Nevada has approved the first vehicle license for a self-driven car and experts predict that other states will follow suit. The first driverless vehicle in the US will be a Google-modified Toyota Prius. Currently, the search engine company Google is paving the way for driverless vehicle technology, a technology that some experts predict is the wave of the future.

The self-driving car made by Toyota and Google is also known as an autonomous car or a self driving car. Google takes care of the complex software that handles the driving while Toyota and other car manufacturers will take of the main car systems. The software in the cars can read cars, people, obstacles, traffic lights, traffic signs, and other objects on the road in order to respond appropriately. Driverless cars use cameras, radar sensors, GPS satellite technology, lasers, and other devices to gather data around them and then have special software in order to interpret that data on the fly in order to allow the car to respond accordingly.

According to experts and the manufacturers of driverless cars, the cars may do away with accidents by eliminating human error. Since human error causes all accidents, will this new type of vehicle help eliminate Miami car accidents?

The technology is certainly impressive. The cars have a buffer zone around them, so that the car will stop automatically if too close to any obstacle, person, or vehicle. This promises to stop Miami pedestrian accidents. The cars are not dependent on human decisions, so they could prevent Miami drunk driving accidents and other traffic accidents caused by poor judgment. The software in the cars does not need to deal with blind spots, so the cars can gather data from every angle and direction.

In addition to the safety features, the cars are also built to offer better fuel efficiency, convenience, and lower emissions. If they live up to their promises in safety, they may even help drivers save money on insurance. Experts predict that buyers will be able to purchase the cars in three to five years and they may become very popular with drivers shortly after that. Currently, there are only a few test models on the roads but already there are many car makers interested in working with Google to make autonomous cars.
The Director of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles sees driverless cars as the future of motor vehicles and Nevada is already steps ahead in ensuring that members of the public will be able to be licensed to drive the cars. The cars currently on the road have an easy-to-spot red license plate. Google’s marketing for the cars has shown that even disabled and blind drivers will be able to use the cars to get around.

While the technology is impressive, some are wondering about the possibility of software errors and system errors that could lead to accidents. So far, none of the data released by Google or the car manufacturers suggest that this has been an issue. It will be interesting to see what impact the cars will have on Miami car accident rates in the future.

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