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Distraction, Impatience, and Davie Car Accidents

Much has been written about the dangers of careless or negligent driving, where a driver pays so little attention to the road and to traffic that a Davie car accident takes place. Careless driving in fact involves two elements: impatience and distraction. When they are combined, a Davie traffic accident is very likely.

Impatience can occur because a driver is in a hurry, is having a bad day and wants to get home, or is facing slow traffic. Impatience can lead to road rage but can also mean that a driver focuses on getting to their destination rather than looking at the road. It is a type of narrow focus that blinds the driver to what is going on directly in front of them. Distraction can be caused by anything from a billboard to a sandwich to a ringing cell phone. When someone is already impatient behind the wheel and is therefore emotionally distracted and then takes their eyes off the road due to a distraction, a Davie truck accident or car accident is very likely. There are many ways to help prevent impatience and distraction when traveling:

1) Consider taking public transit or using car pooling. Driving everyday to work and back can be stressful and can lead to distraction or impatience as the driver inevitably looks for ways to make the commute more manageable. Taking an occasional break from driving allows you to return to the task relaxed and ready to place your full focus on the road.

2) Consider all possible distractions in the car and remove as many as possible. There are many possible distractions, from food to other passengers, to music and mobile devices. It is a good policy to turn off any mobile devices before getting in the car. Program the radio or music before you start to drive and consider a form of music that will last for some time without you having to change the station or music settings. Avoid eating in the car, drinking coffee or other hot beverages, or doing anything else that requires the use of your hands.

3) Avoid driving when angry or upset. Emotions are a powerful distraction and they can easily make you impatient. If you are already upset about a meeting or disagreement, you will not be able to focus fully on your driving and this type of emotional distraction can easily lead to a Davie pedestrian accident or car accident. Take a walk around the block or spend some time calming down before you get in the car.

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