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National Cell Phone Courtesy Month Is a Good Time to Hang Up on Distracted Driving to Prevent Hollywood Car Accidents

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Founded by author Jacqueline Whitmore in 2002, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month was designed to make cell phone users more polite about use of the devices. National Cell Phone Courtesy Month is intended to raise awareness about the importance of not yelling into cell phones in public and not using cell phones in inappropriate public areas. However, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month can also be used to raise awareness about the dangers of cell phones use.

Only eleven states currently do not have bans on cell phone use and texting while driving, and Florida is one of these states with no prohibitions about the use of cell phones behind the wheel. While legislators have tried to pass laws banning cell phone use by drivers in recent years, however, these bills have not passed into law. In 2011, Governor Rick Scott vetoed proposed legislation which would have mandated that the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles teach drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. Municipalities and communities also cannot pass their own distracted driving laws under current Florida laws. As a result, in Florida distracted driving is not legislated and it is up to individual drivers to make the right choice to drive undistracted.

There are studies which have concluded that driving distracted can lead to accidents in the same way that drinking and driving can lead to Hollywood drunk driving accidents. In fact, the response times for distracted drivers and drunk drivers is similar, according to researchers, which is one reason why distracted drivers are more at risk for a Hollywood car accident.

Despite the wide-spread media attention about the dangers of distracted driving and despite the research, many drivers continue to drive distracted. One possible reason is that many distractions have become so commonplace that many drivers do not see the danger. Many professionals are used to speaking on a cell phone all day, so they simply carry on using their mobile devices while in the car. Many cars currently made also include touch screens, mobile device docks, and other features which can pose a distraction. In addition, many cars include technology to allow hands-free talking and dialing, so that drivers can continue to use their cell phones without having to use their hands. Unfortunately, some studies have suggested that hands-free devices are also distracting and can also lead to Hollywood traffic accidents since they still take the driver’s attention from the road.

Since it is well documented that distracted driving is dangerous and since there are no laws in Florida to prevent it, fashioning distracted driving as an issue of polite driving may make sense. In many cases, distracted driving is dangerous because it can lead to a driver cutting someone off, for example. Preventing distracted driving not only ensures that drivers are more polite on the roads – which in itself could prevent Hollywood car crashes caused by road rage – but also ensures that all drivers and pedestrians stay safer.

Even though Florida has no laws against distracted driving, if you have been injured by a distracted driving there may be many legal remedies available. Distracted driving can still be considered negligent or reckless driving and you can still pursue a legal claim in the event of this type of accident to recover the costs of medical care, lost income, and other expenses. To find out more and to discuss your case with an experienced Hollywood personal injury attorney, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation consultation.