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The Link Between Summer Heat and Fort Lauderdale Car Accidents

The summer heat can increase the risk of Fort Lauderdale car accidents. There are many reasons for this:

1) Heat can harm drivers. High heat and bright sun can be a distraction for drivers and can even make it harder to see the road. In some cases, heat can also cause medical problems or can exacerbate fatigue, leading to Fort Lauderdale traffic accidents. If you will be driving in hot weather, it is important to wear sunscreen, carry a bottle of water, and keep the air conditioning on. If your vehicle does not have air conditioning, crack your windows before you drive. Use sunglasses to cut the glare. If you experience the symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke – fatigue, cramps, headaches, dizziness, clammy skin – stop driving and get to a cool location. Drink water and get professional medical help if the symptoms are serious.

2) Heat is bad for cars and electronics. High temperatures can cause your car to overheat and can also wreak havoc with electronics in your car. If you need to drive in hot weather, be prepared to park in indoor parking garages or in the shade to give your car a break. Take mobile devices and electronics with you when you leave the car.

3) Summer weather causes tire problems. High heat can affect the air pressure in tires. In some cases, flats and blowouts can be caused by high temperatures, so it is important to check the wear and tear on your tires and inflate them correctly before a trip. If you ride a bicycle, pay extra attention to the tire condition and air pressure of your bicycle tires, too, to avoid a Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident.

4) High heat can cause problems with infrastructures. Pavement can expand in high heat, causing roadways to crack, buckle and even melt, all of which can lead to Fort Lauderdale truck accidents and car accidents. On railroad tracks, high temperatures can lead to heat kinks, which can cause derailments and Fort Lauderdale train accidents.

5) High temperatures can be deadly for children and pets left in a car. According to, an average of 38 children die each year across the country because they are left or forgotten in a hot car. Even with the windows open a crack and even in the shade, a car can reach dangerous temperatures in just minutes on a hot day. In some cases, parents simply forget about a child in the car, leading to a tragedy. Make it a habit to quickly check front and back seats each time you exit the car to prevent this from happening to you.

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