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Keeping your Car Organized to Stay Safer on the Roads

Keeping your car tidy can make your vehicle more inviting, but did you know it can also help you stay safer? It’s true: an untidy car creates distractions and in the event of an accident anything in your car can become a projectile, putting you at risk of serious injury.


Here’s how to make your car tidier and safer:

1) Clear out as much clutter as you can.

Any sort of clutter can be dangerous in your car. Debris on the floor, for example, can roll under your gas or brake pedals, preventing you from stopping or speeding up. Clutter can also be a distraction, preventing you from keeping your full focus on the road and potentially causing an accident. Aim to keep your car as tidy as possible to avoid both problems.

2) Anything heavy goes in the back trunk – on every trip.

Any heavy object can become extremely dangerous in a car crash in Hollywood or your community. Motorists have been decapitated and have suffered other fatal injuries because their laptops or other heavy objects were flung towards them during a crash. Make sure any object weighing more than a few pounds goes into the back trunk – no exceptions.

3) Put away anything distracting.

Any distracting item can keep your mind off of driving and your eyes off the road. Whether it’s a new purchase you’re excited about or cell phone that keeps ringing, put it in the back seat or the trunk for later.

4) Use shower caddies to organize the items you need.

There may be items you do need to keep in your car. If this is the case, use shower caddies, shoe organizers, or other organizers to keep the items from floating around your car. Ideally, attach the caddies or organizers to the back of a seat or to some other part of the car’s interior so these items will not be thrown about in the event of a crash.

5) Remove stickers from your windows.

Stickers on your windows can block your visibility and make it harder for you to see. They can also expand your blind spots. Keep bumper stickers to a minimum inside your car and on your windows. If you want stickers, attach them to the bumper or to an area of the car that won’t affect visibility.

6) Pay to have larger items delivered.

We’ve all seen it on the road: motorists driving with the backseats of their cars completely filled up. This can be extremely dangerous. Not only does overloading the car put more pressure on the tires and increase the chances of a tire blowout or other problems, but reducing visibility in this way can mean drivers can’t see what’s going on behind them, which can easily lead to an accident. If you need to move large items or lots of items, shop around for someone who can transport these items for you in a truck.

While your car may be organized, other drivers may not be so thoughtful. If you have been injured because of a careless driver, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case assessment. Our offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami are always open to you if you have been injured and would like legal support or device.